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06-04-2022 04:12 GMT

Music Reviews (April 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by indie artist, Chingy on Apple Music | Spotify


Hip Hop

Positive vibes

… so two guys walk into a bar, right? One of them says to the other, “I’m not wearing anything under this trench coat”, with a big smile on his face as if expecting some sort of approval or praise. The other guy walks out of the bar with a straight face and doesn’t look back.

That’s it. 

You were expecting a punchline weren’t you? He-he-he. There’s none. 

Here at the SRL writers room we quite enjoy painfully unfunny jokes - it's an acquired taste, don't worry, you're not there yet. You’ll read a lot of them here, they’re hilarious 😊. They always come with a subtle message though, and some food for thought. So don’t worry, this is not one of those places that you can guarantee would be an utter waste of your time every single time. Sure, you’ll always leave with an AMAZING track to bring your awful, braindead Spotify playlists to life, but we want our readers to leave with more than just amazing songs and albums - we want to add value to their lives as well. That’s not to say we succeed, but we try – and trying is everything. As the old Snoop Dogg saying goes, “Ain’t nothing to it but to do it”, or something like that. In other words, whatever you want to do, no matter how farfetched it may seem, just do it - and that’s exactly what we do. The moral of that very unfunny story was that if you are uncomfortable with anything at all you shouldn’t be afraid to get up and leave IMMEDIATELY. Your mind and body are telling you something whenever you start to feel uncomfortable about a situation. They’re telling you that you either don’t agree with what’s happening or that what’s about to happen is too unpredictable for comfort. With that being said, I’d like to gently remind you that things could get uncomfortable really fast here at the Skunk Radio Live writers room. We don’t hold back anything but we generally mean no harm when we write. We don’t like politics and we don’t discuss it. In fact, throughout the time he was president of the United States, we only referred to him as Ronald Plump, you know who we’re talking about right? And nowadays if we ever talk about the recent conflicts in Europe, we might use words like Lootin’ or Poopin’, or whatever rhymes at the time – again, we mean no harm, just trying to avoid talking about politics and calling politicians' names. Not saying anyone is looting or is acting like a poopoo head.

Gladly, this song is not about politics, it makes no attempt to label anyone a poopoo head and it’s most certainly not about ill-gotten gains – like most mainstream hip hop records tend to be nowadays right?

St. Louis rapper Chingy is slowly but surely clawing his way back to the top after falling from grace and staying out of the limelight for a while a few years back. Each of his new records shows immense growth and development stylistically and artistically as he takes his signature nursery rhyme rap style and rebuilds it from the ground up, keeping all the amazing things fans fell in love with about the multiplatinum, award-winning hip hop star, who has sold over 20 million hard copies worldwide, something most new artists today will sadly never be able to claim they did ever again in the history of the music industry – and no, not even Kanye West. At $200 a piece, 20 million seems very farfetched to even think of, and the whole "Donda 2" (or whatever it's called) move in general seems like a billionaire’s desperate attempt to stay afloat in the middle of a pandemic and a global financial crisis. But what do we know, we’re not accountants and plus, it took many of us here years of brain fatigue from listening to the relentless ads of Spotify’s free service before finally giving up and signing up for PRO. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the principle. Spotify’s business model devalued the music industry and made every existing song and every song that will be created in perpetuity a worthless piece of you know what, essentially. Nowadays, a song is no longer what makes money for the musicians that spent countless hours, days, months and even years making them. It’s what is done with the records and the publicity that results that makes the money. So it’s no surprise a lot of music sucks these days, morale is low in the industry and musicians are spending a lot more time trying to figure out how to make a living in the industry than how to make a good record – who can blame them right?

But anyway, where were we? Ah yes, Chingy’s amazing new record, which has, not only got fans and critics raving again; but is also doing well to raise the morale of die-hard rap fans whose souls are dying really slowly from records where all the praise should really go to the producers rather than the artists. Yes, a good hip hop beat will blow your socks off quicker wasabi, but no one wants to hear what is increasingly seeming like the same lyrics of the last song they heard re-arranged into a different order and performed in a different style and tempo. 

This song is different. Chingy is from the old school era of music when artistic integrity and lyrical prowess mattered whether you were making hip hop, rock or even electronica; and consequently, the track reeks of the results of hours of writing and re-writing, and several takes of vocal recording; not like new records that sound like they were done in one take most of the time. If you strip a hip hop record of all the guns and violence, take away all the showering of champagnes and other yellowish liquids on girls at pool parties; and all the fingers and other things out of the poor ladies' butt holes; and all the mindless but ever so exciting stuff rappers are polluting our minds with, but we apparently love so much as far as the music industry is concerned; this is what you get – positive rap music about love, good vibes, family, friends and being amazing just being ones self. Phew! finally, something positive right? 


Thank me later with a big ass box of chocolates and some beef jerky, it’s almost 4:20 AM 😊. 

JK, chocolates are so gay. 


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