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.. It's Not About Rick Ross's New Maybach or Cardi B's Soaked Bloomers; Promise


11-06-2021 15:22 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Chingy on Apple Music | Spotify

"All Capp"
Hip Hop

Be happy

US hip hop artist, Chingy's new single "All Capp" was released during the heat of the Coronavirus pandemic last year ahead of the arrival of his first full-length album in 13 years on the 31st of July the same year. The critically acclaimed track gave rap music fans a taste of what the St. Louis rapper's sound has evolved into over the years and paved the way for the success of the new album. 

Bright, exciting and colorful, it reintroduced hip hop fans to a sound and style that was partly responsible for the genre's exponential growth in popularity during the early part of the millennium, a sound that has never been duplicated up till today and is still very much in demand. 

We've all been through so much over the past year, and if you are a human being (wait, you are human, right?) then you've probably run out of tears and sad songs. But we've made it this far and things are even starting to look up again so we all deserve a song like this to breathe new life into our Spotify playlists, and a pat on the back for not losing it, however we did it - we've earned it. No, it's not another meaningless throwaway hip hop song, about Rick Ross's new Maybach, or Cardi B's soaked bloomers; it's not about drugs or police, fighting, or shooting, eating bananas really slowly or men's right to wear pink; just a fun song about being amazing, being rewarded handsomely and being happy.


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