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Think about it



11-07-2022 17:01 GMT

As featured on this week's
Music Discovery XO Auditions
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CashBoy Ballin

"Think About It"
Hip Hop

What's on your mind?

This week on the Music Discovery XO Auditions we had the opportunity to explore the compact yet ever so rewarding repertoire of emerging Florida, US rapper CashBoy Ballin who has his mind set on becoming his city’s next big rap star. "Think About It" stood out for a couple of good reasons. We'll discuss them below. 

The concept of this song evokes a very exciting vibe and feel. The production could have been a lot better so I listened to it more like a demo than a finished record; but all in all it is a pretty good song that would make a great addition to any motivational hip hop music playlist

As in the old saying: “Thinking is Believing”. Or wait, that’s not how it goes at all, I think I just made that up 😁. It should be something like: “You are What You Think” – ah yes, that’s the one I was thinking of. Just as in the saying, first made famous by the highly respected American radio speaker and author, Earl Nightingale who spent most of his career exploring the subjects of human character development, the song leads back to a secret (or not so secret) philosophy that has been secretly (or not so secretly) taught to successful people for centuries now. If you’ve never heard it before, you probably should do more Googling (oops!! Err, reading I mean). To be honest you don’t really need to do much reading to understand the saying but if you want to you can read “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale while listening to this song and see where it takes you. Much like suggested by the intelligent lyrics of this cleverly written record, the saying simply means that if you think very specific, meaningful thoughts over and over, and visualize them to the point where you believe they are already real, while simultaneously visualizing your new life with the product of your thoughts in existence and how this new addition to your life has changed your old life, et cetera, et cetera; whatever it is you are thinking MUST eventually become real. No, it’s not magic – it just is what it is. Nobody knows why, or who figured it out; that’s just the way the mind works. So what have you been thinking about today ey? Good things I hope. If you were thinking bad things, I hope they were only about sex (wink, wink), those are the only bad thoughts allowed in this philosophy - yes, spanking is fine too, don't worry 😁. In fact, I too like to think about spanking Ariana Grande, while listening to "Touch It" and eating a bread stick arrogantly, like a pompous, really stern headmaster who takes everything too seriously. I honestly believe I can make it real, but don't tell anybody. Have I said too much? Let's move on...

Hit the play button and visualize your dreams, and then hit the “VOTE” button to show your support and appreciation for Miami’s next big rapper. And don't forget to think about something amazing you would like to happen today or in the future and make it a habit to think about good things you like regularly. Congratulations, you’ve learned something new today. Make sure you do it again tomorrow, and never go a day without exploring or learning something or somewhere new. Come back here if you don’t know where to go, we're avid explorers.

Have you hit that play button yet? What do you think? Tweet @skunkradiolive and let’s talk about it. 





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