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What MTV Wants You To Masturbate To



17-08-2021 13:45 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Tamara Bubble on Soundcloud | Spotify

Tamara Bubble

Hip Hop


Don't listen to this - it may destroy you

You are not ready for this.

Packs a punch.

The first time you hear this song is the last time you will hear it. Yep, you read what you read right. In fact, here, read it again – the first time you hear this song is the last time you will hear it. See? Your eyes weren't deceiving you after all, you should trust them more. "But why?", you may ask. It’s because every other time you hear it will be a blur and the only thing you’ll remember and feel afterwards is how amazing you felt the first time you heard it. If you haven’t guessed already, you’ll feel pretty superb the first time! Almost like a virgin, but better. 

Sitting comfortably in position number 4 of independent Brooklyn hip hop star Tamara Bubble’s March 2021 album “I May Destroy You”, this record packs a punch that is liable to not only knock you out cold but is also  liable to put the sparkle back in your eyes quicker than a wine cooler – depending on what form you decide to take the “punch” in, hopefully the latter. It’s fast, it’s got bounce, it’s got class, it’s got sass, it's got lyrics, it’s got attitude, and most importantly, it makes sense. 

"So why will it destroy me then?", you may ask. Well, let me explain. Have you ever experienced something so amazing it made you mad? because you feared you'd never be able to live without it again? or experience anything just as amazing? Sadly, that's exactly what this song will do to you if you are not careful. Don't hit the play button if your only source of new music or whatever you call good music is Spotify or Soundcloud's flawed and grossly off music recommendation algorithms - no, I don't like Lil Nas and his stupid full red sexy lips with way too much Vaseline because I listened to Elton John that one time (wait, did I just say Lil Nas had sexy lips? Aww hell no, never watching MTV again). And hell no, I don't listen to Kanye West because somehow it found out I dropped out of high school. Okay scratch that last part, let's just say I didn't go to high school - I went to school high; and leave it at that ey? He-he-he, just kidding, I was awesome at school and I finished - you should too and someday you could be amazing, just like me. So where were we? Ah yes - still letting Spotify and Soundcloud feed you music ey? yuk, yuk, yuk. Let's change that now before you hit the play button and risk living the rest of your life feeling inadequate because all the music you thought was amazing is way below the new bar the song is about to set. The first thing you need to do is bookmark this website and come here every day before even thinking of opening your Spotify or Soundcloud app. The second thing you need to do is go out and buy yourself a CD player - it's a round thing that plays music one album at a time, not 50,000 at a time (oh wait 50 million at a time - geez! Spotify! So good yet so bad). I love sex but I don't even want to have sex with 50 women at a time, that's too much work - it could take days even. I love music and I feel exactly the same way. Have you ordered the CD player? Once it arrives, head down to your local independent record store and interact with some of the cool people you find there - they'll tell you what's really cool, not what MTV wants you to masturbate to - yes, I said it. Okay, so now you are ready obviously. See that green (or white) thingy a little further down below the page that looks like a fake wifi symbol? Hit it really hard and then step away really quick - you're going to feel like you want to shake (twerk) something really bad  immediately.  


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