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When did men start slapping each other like b*tches?



30-03-2022 02:56 GMT

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"Bounce Back"
Hip Hop

I still can't believe my ears

When did men start slapping each other like b*tches? When I saw Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars the other day over a little joke I was totally disgusted. And not for the silly reasons that are splattered all over social media and even the mainstream media, but for 2 simple reasons. 

I’m generally not excited or even the slightest bit moved when celebrities do stuff normal people like us don’t understand because I’m too busy doing other stuff that is a lot more important to me. Who cares what the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air did at the Oscars? I don't know what it's like to be a prince, or to live in Bel-Air. I wasn’t even invited, those bastards! He-he-he. JK. If I was invited I probably wouldn’t even have showed up. Too busy to sit around celebrating myself, or even worse, other peoples’ achievements in the middle of a pandemic and a looming global recession; AND gathering items for my emergency evacuation bag for when Lootin' (you know who I mean) unleashes those nuclear weapons he's been quietly dropping hints about. Is that weird? Do I sound like a hater right now? I know you nodded. Well KMA then. JK of course. My point there was that when what people say or think about you somehow manages to get to you, you’ll find yourself doing stupid sh*t like hitting people like a b*tch on live television – men don’t slap each other when they get pissed off, they throw a Mike Tyson punch and make sure you never get up. I mean, if I was going to walk out in front of all my peers and hit someone on international television in front of the whole world, my wife AND my kids, I’d want the whole show to stop; not go on like nothing happened. That was the most pathetic slap I’ve ever seen, SMH. And he wonders why reporters try to kiss him, he-he-he - maybe it’s because they are hoping he’ll rub his palm softly against their cheeks and walk off like he really did something, LOL. The only other thing I’ll say about this matter is a very touchy subject and I probably shouldn’t say it but I was hurt to see a 53 year old man assault a 57 year old man while he was just doing his job, that sh*t just doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not saying Will was wrong for getting mad, we all get mad and we all have a right to do so, whether people understand why or not. Just the other day my blood boiled violently when a waiter called me by my name at a dinner reservation. And why, you may ask? BECASUE I HATE WHEN PEOPLE CALL MY NAME OKAY?!! What’s with the third-degree damn it? See, I even almost got pissed off there, phew! 

("Deep breaths") ...

During these unprecedented times, everyone’s a little touchy but nevertheless everyone is entitled to their moments. How they handle those moments is what makes them unique. The thing I was really scratching my head about, and this is not an insult; is that rapper August Alsina “dated” the hell out of Jane (oops! Jada 😀) for four and a half whole years with Will’s knowledge and he was totally fine with that, but he couldn’t take a little joke? And you know how rappers “date” women, rappers are ruff! (oops! rough). You give your wife to one of these new rappers for one night she'll never be the same again - inside and outside, not to talk of four years, phew! That’s what really had me messed up, I don’t care if he got mad and if he was still allowed to receive an award and then was subsequently given a standing ovulation; that's Hollywood stuff. See what I did there? "A standing ovulation" - because he hits like a b*tch, get it? I’ve said all I have to say about that. I wasn’t even going to say anything about it but everyone’s talking about it so whatever. 

Now that that crap is out of the way, let’s get right down to this song that I was about to tell you about. To be honest with you the reason I brought up the subject of Will slapping Chris was that the whole incident seemed so unmanly to me (almost "happy" if you know what I mean); kind of like what a lot of mainstream hip hop records are starting to sound to me nowadays. Everyone’s grinning and singing songs about eating each others' asses. I’m old school, I totally don’t understand it. This song restored some normality to my music collection and my life as a whole. To be honest with you I was supposed to have reviewed it years ago but I was being very selfish 😁. Have you ever discovered something so amazing you didn’t want anyone else to have it? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me here. And when you hear it you’d probably not want to share it with anyone else either. 

The track was so good that it deserved a playlist of its own. I put it on repeat and didn’t listen to anything else while I tried to think of an artist or a song that I could chase it with without losing the amazing feeling it evoked in my soul. The only track I found that could chase it was another track by the same artist Six9. No, not the snitch Six9ine with the colorful teeth and multicolored hair, the real Six9 – and there you were thinking you knew everything there was to know in hip hop, SMH. I’m being selfish with that track that I chased it with as well but I might share it with you a little bit later. I'll also share the playlist I'm creating around it once it's done. 

”Bounce Back” is a motivational record. If you have fallen on hard times and are struggling to get back up, it will get you off your ass and keep you on your feet till you are back in the game and at your best once again. If you are already at your best, it will motivate you to keep pushing the limits harder and harder everyday till your Jesus piece drops its jaw. Forget about every motivational hip hop track you’ve heard over the past decade, they’re all trash – that’s all I’m saying. If I’m wrong, recreate one of the millions of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock memes that are probably surfacing by the second on TikTok as we speak; and walk up to my office at London Bridge and slap me ever so softly. I’ll play along and make a little joke about it then go back to doing my work like nothing happened 😂. 

Oh I forgot to tell you – the minute you hit the play button the lyrics of this record could become deeply embedded in your brain for days, if not weeks. That's what happened to me. I almost lost it, but then I found my Jack Daniel's, phew! I’m still totally sedated right now, can you tell? 


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