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28-10-2021 17:04 GMT

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Put your money where your mouth is.

After less than a month, as the case has been since the start of his illustrious independent music career over a decade ago, the king of Miami, Florida’s independent reggae music scene, and one of the Southeast’s hardest working reggae musicians by any standards returned to the spotlight with a hot new record back in February. Needless to say, the track was right on the money (get it?) and “Cryptocurrency” is still spinning out of control on some the region’s most highly respected turntables. 

So what can one expect from what has been called  one of the most relevant reggae tracks of all time? Well, Everything! of course. Danceable, tropical, sensible in terms of lyrical content, but most importantly contextually, it touches on one of the most important changes mankind has faced since the Barter economies, which date as far back as 6000 BC, when people exchanged goods and services for, well, other goods and services. Would it be sexist to think women were probably the richest people on the planet then, or would that just be filthy? Okay let’s not say then, moving on… In case you were wondering, that was where the tagline of this review “put your money where your mouth is” came from, one of the filthy, filthy minds around here. To cut a long story short, this is one of those songs you play on the way to the bank with a pocket full of money or on the way back from the bank, with a pocket full of money of course. Oh wait, no one even goes to the bank anymore – so, play this when you open up your mobile banking app or your digital currency account or whatever money thingies you use to look at the manifestations of your hard (or not so hard) work. Once the Afro rhythms and the warm, feelgood vibes have embedded themselves deeply in your very essence, the only word coming out of your mouth would be that typical of an African left speechless in the most extreme of moments of wonderment, disbelief or enjoyment – Chai!! 

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