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A Little Bit Above Low Key



16-02-2022 03:18 GMT

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"A Little Bit Avove Low Key"
Hip Hop

Stimulate your intelligence

Not for the shallow-minded, to be honest

Telepathic grenade

The title of this album is so much of an understatement that if it was understated anymore it would have no title at all. Eyenine has always been a very down to earth and focused individual from the very beginning, so this is not unexpected. 

It’s not uncommon for people to sometimes downplay their best works in case it’s not good enough for whoever’s judging – in fact everyone’s doing it nowadays, and shamelessly even. Rappers are surfacing left right and center with names like Shitbag and Poopoohead, and tattoos on their faces that make Mike Tyson look like a pretty boy. That's definitely not what was happening here with the title though - guess you really shouldn't judge an album by its cover after all - silly me. But if this was an attempt to downplay the album in case it wasn’t good enough, it certainly failed - it was amazing! Nowadays people seem more excited about junk than anything else. It seems like it has become more fun than ever before to laugh at something bad than it is to appreciate something that's as close to perfect as is humanly possible, he-he-he. Think about it - if Mr. Bean ran for president against whoever your favorite politician is, wouldn't a small part of you be itching to vote for Bean? 

People walk into the most expensive stores nowadays and emerge with clothes that a person from the dirtiest slums would in previous years have been ashamed to wear, and jeans so tight you may have an orgasm if you walk too fast for too long. How long will it be before fashion designers start selling deodorants, perfumes and colognes that smell like filthy sweat and body odour? Remember how you smelled when your body was going through all those embarrassing changes and no deodorant was strong enough? He-he-he. Just wait and see. Look out in your favourite stores for "B.O" pour Homme, by Kanye West obviously - and “Hoochie Coochie” for the ladies. But why even stop there? How about underwear with doodoo stains ey? Why not go all out. 

But where were we? See how we drifted off? That’s the sort of casual feel you get when you first start to listen to this album, and then it takes you deeper and deeper into your mind till you start to feel like you are not alone even when no one is around you. Just take a closer look at the album cover and you’ll know that what you are about to listen to is the product of a really exciting and intelligent mind. Unlike the title suggests, it will take you on an adventure to a place so far away from your mediocre music library that the next time you open Spotify you won’t even hit the play button. This isn’t one of those “fuck you” albums dedicated to everybody who's hating; or one of those albums you listen to while you're thinking about devouring Kim Kardashian's bits or doing  whatever you kids are doing these days in the back of your Maybachs and Bentleys, and your 10 bedroom multi-million dollar mansions, and your helicopters. This is a sophisticated hip hop masterpiece that is best suited for the most pensive of moments. It’s packed with exciting skits that make it feel like a movie. After the first 3 or 4 tracks, you’ll start to feel like your brain is being permeated by intelligence. 10 tracks, 31 minutes and 5 seconds later, when you open your eyes, and realize they’d been open all along; you’ll feel like you know stuff. 

 Sadly none of your playlists is good enough for this album, just create a new one and name it something really smart. 



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