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Pour yourself a drink, quick!



26-02-2022 00:12 GMT

Music Reviews (February 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming R&B artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie R&B performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by indie artist, Marco Richh on Spotify | Apple Music

Marco Richh


Pour yourself a drink, quick!

Lately it’s been seeming like just when you breath that final sigh of frustration and think to yourself that the world has hit the lowest low it could ever possibly hit and that nothing at all could get even the slightest bit worse, the universe kicks things up a notch and proves us wrong; as if to remind us – there is ALWAYS worse. Of course you always knew that and you never forgot, because you are so wise and you’ve seen and been through so much; but it reminds you anyway and shows you things that make you remember to cherish every single thing you have and that you are able to do or are doing right now, this very moment in your life. In fact while you are reading this you should even give yourself a big pat on the back just for the mere fact that you are reading something longer than Twitter’s 280 character limit – what is being called the new average attention span of a human being. Can you believe that ish? Nobody reads anymore, not even if there was the slightest possibility of getting rich from the information that is acquired after the 281st character. But wait, "how many characters have we reached?", I hear you think, because your mind remembers seeing the word "richh" somewhere at the start. That was just the artist's name, but don't worry there is still a chance you could get rich if you are not already elbow deep in the universe's "tangible measure of quality and increment" already. Wait, you didn't know that was what money was? Of course you did, silly me. How else would you have amassed so much of it or be planning to. For the sake of the nerds who want to know now because I’ve aroused your curiosity about where this is all going – by the end of this sentence you would have read 1313 characters including all the punctuation marks and spaces. But give or take a few characters thanks to those big-headed editors. You’re so awesome right now either way. 

But where were we? Ah yes; this crazy, crazy world that just keeps getting crazier and crazier. What to do, what to do. There’s only one thing to do for now because it’s Friday night and nothing could be more shameful than wasting a perfectly good Friday night. Forget about all the craziness, forget about getting rich (or richer), forget about your problems, who's hating, who's watching, who owes you money; what Kanye West is planning; how A$AP Rocky got Rihanna; and just let go. It’s time for some good old me time. Don’t worry, all your problems will still be there when you are ready to go head to head with them one more time. But this time you’ll be refreshed and re-energized, and you'll do it like it’s your first time. I promise you, you’ll kick ass (not like your first time doing "you know what" with "you know who" though - you were totally awful 🤣 - you went in like a raging bull instead of being strategic and calm). 

So let’s get right down to it shall we? 

This song right here was chosen for all the wrong reasons but it turned out to be the perfect choice. Of late it’s been seeming like all the songs and albums we’ve been reviewing have been getting the best praises so we thought we’d shake things up and look for something a little off. Not to wipe the disgusting smiles off those  skinny jeans, Yeezy sneakers wearing; tattoo having; "I’m a God" thinking, "I blow myself a kiss in the mirror every morning before I leave the house" guys in the A&R department obviously (he-he-he); but just for the fun of it. Besides, people seem to like crappy stuff nowadays, I mean look at the clothes they're wearing. They look like they should also come with body odour and a musty smell to make them more authentic bum attire. After all why look used if it doesn't smell used right? More of the world's craziness - like non-alcoholic beer, and smokeless bongs (WTF). So of course we turned to something a little pop-ish. Pop is going through a serious identity crisis right now so we were certain we’d find a crappy song that thinks it’s the bomb without too much work. But alas, those supercool, self-righteous bastards at A&R won again – this song was awesome! 

Released back in the heat of the pandemic of 2019, “Party” is a record that is yet to get the full attention and praise it deserves, but as music fans and the rest of the world emerge from hiding and start to discover new things again, critics are saying it could be a massive summer hit this year. Let’s not waste anymore time discussing it. We’ve already agreed that you’re going to let go and just chill out tonight because it’s Friday, so what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a drink and put your best (oops!! dirtiest and most torn) clothes on. Get your socks with the holes as well, and pull last week's underwear out of the dirty clothes hamper so you are authentic. You don’t have to go out but you’ll be doing a whole lot of dancing tonight. Let’s go! 

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