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Your 2022 Winners Anthem



16-01-2022 15:21 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Tamara Bubble on Soundcloud | Spotify

Tamara Bubble


Your 2022 winners anthem.

Really big song by New York sensation Tamara Bubble. If you've been following this exciting fast-rising independent Brooklyn rapper slash singer slash pop star in the making, then you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you what to expect here – nothing but excellence. And excellence is exactly what you get. If you haven't been following her already, where the hell have you been and what have you been listening to? She's only the best thing to happen in rap music since it became acceptable to wear a thong on television. This one’s got a more melodic feel than most of her recent releases and does well to showcase her R&B performance style in all its glory. This is one of those songs that will always do well to pick you up when you are feeling like you are fighting a losing battle, and give you that extra push at the gym or when you need it most in your endeavors. It’s a track about believing in yourself - the most important thing in life

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