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Music Review: Reason For Departure by Eyenine | Hip Hop Album | Stream free | Spotify | Apple Music


05-07-2019 13:59 GMT

Indie Music Reviews (July 2019) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by Eyenine on Spotify | Apple Music

"A Reason For Departure"
Hip Hop


He has been hailed as one of the most lyrically masterful white rappers the world has seen since "the real" Eminem made his debut back in 2010 (not the gangster, 50 Cent inspired one) and New Hampshire, US underground rap sensation, Eyenine continues to defy fans' and critics' expectations time and time again with every new record. Released on the 4th of May to critical acclaim, his latest album, "A Reason For Departure" is a collaborative project with New Hampshire electronic rock outfit, The Lonely Ghosts. It's a 12 track album that will take you to the highs that resulted when Jay-Z teamed up with Linkin Park, and them smack you upside your head repeatedly with insightful, intelligent lyrics, mind-boggling metaphors and deeply invigorating beats till all you can say is more.


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