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Music Review: The B Side by Daiyon - Hip Hop - Wisconsin, USA | Music Discovery XO



30-08-2022 18:47 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Daiyon on YouTube |


"The B Side"
Hip Hop

🤯 God must be playing a trick on me!!! 😕

You can always tell when people look in the mirror way too much, and that they love what they see every single time - in a really weird, vain, almost unnatural way. Like they think to themselves: “good god, my eyes are dazzling AF; or “damn I’ve got such an amazing smile, who wouldn’t love me?”; or “you think my cheeks are rosy, wait till you see my other cheeks; and be sure to plant your lips on them at least once while you are back there will ya?”; or “man I look like Jesus, I’m even a pretty decent guy who likes hookers too. I too even wear dirty women’s night gowns to night clubs sometimes like Kanye West – man I’m so cool”; or “I wonder if they notice how much I look like a new and improved Marilyn Monroe”; or “man! I look so mysterious and deep, good god I’m handsome”; or “look at my smile, so soft and gentle; love me, love me, love me, please”. I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, those seemed awfully specific right? And you’re totally right. Now try not to label me a total asshole when I tell you who those people are, and bear in mind that those things that were written were just the products of a comedic mind casually strutting its stuff to see if it’s still got it – it does by the way, if I may say so myself. And bear in mind, I don’t think it’s bad to look in the mirror, in fact it’s really good for you. I however try to do it only twice a day – once in the morning when I wake up and again at night right before I turn on the red light in the master bedroom and things get, err, a little too freaky to discuss here (wink, wink). Let’s talk about it on Twitter before Jeff Bezos pulls out 😊 – did you get that? Pulls out? He-he-he. If you ask me, I think the deal was the equivalent of a sizable object in an unsuspecting butt hole, but what do I know about business and finance, and who cares what I think, right? And by the way I plant a big wet kiss on my lips every time I look in the mirror, I don't just do it for fun or to see if I'm still hot 😀. 

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, those statements that I came up with; to describe 7 different individuals who, for comedy’s sake I assumed look in the mirror too often, and more than 5 times a day in fact – I’m not saying they do and I don't know these guys personally, let’s just have fun with it okay? I read an article on Music Week a while back and the headline was “Universal Music Australia unveils senior execs as John O’Donnell confirms retirement”. I’m sure you can easily highlight the headline and find the article on Google, but to make things easier for you I’ve added a link to the title that opens in a new window, again for your convenience, ‘cos you are so special. I wouldn’t even fart while writing this if I had to, in order not to cause your awesome vibes to shift even the slightest bit in any direction whatsoever, whether you like smelling peoples’ farts or not (I’m sure you don’t obviously, you’re not weird at all) - that’s how awesome I think you are. Can you match any of those faces to any of the statements I mentioned above? Who do you think has the really big, rosy cheeks and wants you to plant your lips on them? He-he-he. Tweet me on Twitter (@skunkradiolive) and I might tell you which one belongs to which one so you can have one of those tinnie winnie wins that are all the makings of a really good day. 

Anyway, let’s get right down to this song. I'm totally certain that you’d really want to plant your lips on it when it’s done playing. But don’t kiss your phone screen, it’s full of germs. Wipe it with an antibacterial wipe first and then once again after like they do in church when they kiss the crucifix on Good Friday; then get your friend to kiss it too. By the way, if you were Catholic, what part of the cross would you kiss? 🤔. Again, you can tweet me @SkunkRadioLive.

This is one of those records that gives ten times as much as it takes from you in minutes and seconds. In fact it even saves you time by telling you exactly what song to play next or add next to your playlist – it. Yep, this is another one of those songs that has no chaser, anything that comes after it will be shite! as far as you’re concerned. To be honest, I’ve got it on repeat now and I really don’t know where to go from here, except to stop the music player. But wait YouTube has no stop button, and neither does Spotify. Aaaarghhh!!!! I’m totally losing it now?! 

Wait… (“deep breaths, deep breaths”).

Okay I’m good now. (“Phew”).

See? That’s what this song will totally do to you. Consider that your first warning. The second warning I’ll give you is that the instant you hit the play button, YouTube will totally change it’s attitude towards you and create a new mental picture of you, a new improved one. Kind of like moving someone from one of the boxes in your head where you put people based on their character traits, behaviours, what they smoke, how ambitious they are, how serious they are, how hot (or not) they are, how big their willies (oops!! wallets are or could potentially be), or other criteria. Wait, am I the only one who does that? Is that wrong? I hate that I just told you that. Sh!! Don’t tell anyone okay? Would you like to know what box you are in inside my head right now? Of course you do – you are in the "Box 47". Trust me that’s the coolest box, it means I totally don't hate you and we could be friends some day. But don't ever try to kiss me okay? I totally hate that. 

But back to the song… my only advise for you as you make this journey to becoming a seasoned, highly sophisticated, professional hip hop fan is buckle up. If you smoke, roll one of those giant ones Snoop and Eminem shared at the VMAs 😊, but make sure you don’t finish it all in one go. Alright, hit the play button. 

Have a wonderful day. ✌


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