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I Can't Stop



07-03-2023 13:38 GMT

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Music by indie singer songwriter, Mike Hargreaves on Spotify | Bandcamp

Mike Hargreaves

"I Can't Stop"

Made my day.

How many times do I have to unfollow Kanye West and hide all his posts from my Twitter timeline before Elon Musk realises IDGAF when he’s trending? Waking up to Kanye AND Kim news in my timeline this morning was like receiving two unsolicited dick picks, so annoying – enough already. Everything was so calm. I thought the world was going back to normal, then this again. ("Sigh!!")

But let’s not waste any good time ranting about what can only be another rant – I didn’t click to find out, so forgive me if I’m wrong. And forgive me if you love Ye. Let’s move on quickly. 

Was Phoebe Buffay’s song “Smelly Cat” really about a cat? What do you think? It seemed much deeper than that to me, to be honest. And it has stuck with me till this day, several years after I first heard it. It’s so catchy and moving, but sadly today I got a hunch that ruined it for me quicker than a Kanye West sample. Just kidding, I’m sure he’s still an awesome producer but I’m just not into samples, I prefer original stuff from scratch. I don’t think it was about a cat at all. I think, being from the streets and all, she might have known someone who needed a douche really bad and couldn’t have one. Now I don’t like the song anymore but it's ringing in my head even more. I saw a homeless woman today. I started to smell something really funky as she walked towards me and immediately stopped myself midbreath and took off running at high speed in the other direction in my work shoes. I totally wasn’t ready for it. I hope she wasn't offended. Do you think God will forgive me? 

I really want to get into this song as much as you do but I’m stalling to find a good angle to approach it from. I’m like a hunter right now, sneaking up on my prey (the awesome music review), crouching in the bushes with my pen waiting for the right time to pounce on the metaphorical paper. Okay that’s a lie, to be honest with you I haven’t been to the office for a long time and I’m a little rusty. I took a few weeks off ‘cos I thought I was coming down with writer’s block – I wasn’t. I’ve never had that. 

Can I stall a little more? Please, please, please, please; pleeeease???

Thanks, here it goes. Did you know that the percentage of people who carry weird or questionable stuff in their pockets on a daily basis is significantly more than those who don’t? What’s in your pocket right now? Lemme see. See? You didn’t even want to tell without pausing to think first. Now, turn to the person right next to you (someone you know obviously, not a stranger – they may get the wrong idea). Now ask them and see how defensive or even embarrassed they get. Told you. Wanna know what I’ve got in my chest pocket right now? Nope that’s not a pencil, I’m just really excited you’re here. Do forgive. Just kidding he-he-he. Seriously, would you like to know? It’s a little weird but there’s a really long explanation for having it. Okay I’ll tell you, you’re so persuasive. It’s a cheque for 1 million pounds sterling. But that’s not the weird part. I wrote it out to myself a few months ago when my career started taking off in anticipation of what I demanded should be my new salary and what I in fact believe the universe now owes me. I didn’t date it and the scribblings in the signature line spell “smelly cat, smelly cat” if you can decipher it. But that’s not the weird part either. I don’t even have a penny in that account, I’ve never used it. And again, that’s not the weird part either. On the 1st of every month I go to the same bank and try to cash it. The scenario plays out exactly the same every time. The cashier looks down at the check and then immediately looks back at me with a reverse eyebrow raise, half a smile and a very indifferent facial expression that's just as furious as it is puzzled. I keep a straight face. I act shocked when the cashier tells me there’s not enough money in the account, and then make a huge scene about my salary not arriving on time before storming out. That’s not the weird part. The weird part is that no one has ever asked why I’m paying a check from the same account into the same account, or ever even acknowledged the fact. If they did, they would realise that the cheque is perfectly valid and will clear perfectly every single time leaving the balance exactly where it started. “Balance” is the keyword here – that’s why I do it. No matter what’s going on in my life or my career at the time, that seemingly weird balancing act puts everything in perspective for me and I walk out of the bank feeling renewed and ready to take on the world again one more time with a big smile from having just been handed a cheque for a million bucks, the exact amount I demanded. So there you have it. What’s your balancing act? What brings you back to centre? What puts the smile back on your face? Write in the comments section, and don’t say weed or new booty.

Okay I think we’re ready for the music review now. I’ve pounced on the metaphorical paper I was hunting earlier on.

I feel like I must remind you that this is not one of those self-righteous blogs, music review sites or magazines that reviews both good and bad songs. Why would anyone waste a perfectly good second ranting about something subjective and personal that they don't or didn’t like? That would be totally abstruse wouldn’t it? That remind you of anyone? Ey? Let’s move on, quick.. Music is subjective, and art as a whole is subjective too. Every song hits everyone differently. Everyone has different sweet spots. The intensity of the emotional response is what I look for in a song before I even think about talking about it. To be honest with you, my bar for good music is set so high that people can’t even see it – many don’t even know it’s there. To give you an idea - if you are a soul music or R&B music artist or band and you send in a song, it’d better be the best thing since the Isley Brothers’ performance of “Who’s That Lady” on Soul Train in 1973. They did it many times apparently – I wasn’t born then so I don’t know which exact performance it was, but you can [watch the video here]. It cuts out the exciting introduction by Don Cornelius and the band members introducing themselves at the beginning but I couldn’t find a better one on the whole of YouTube, I totally couldn’t believe it – I’ve NEVER not been able to find ANYTHING on YouTube, except when it’s really important, ("Sigh!!"). Darn social media and all this streaming stuff, to be honest I’m getting sick of it. I want my music player’s STOP button and my small book of telephone numbers back; so that the universe can tell when I’m done listening to music, and when I’m done socializing. And no, the actual finished recording of the song will simply not suffice - the live performance of the record on Soul Train is what I'm talking about. If you haven't already done so, watch it – it could change your life. The first time I heard that song I listened to it about 10 times in a row and then I passed out. When I woke up in the morning I was in love with somebody, but I didn’t know who – I was tingling all over and I had butterflies in my stomach and everything.  Yep, you guessed right. I’d been doing all the exciting things you suspect I’d been doing prior – I’d been drinking, smoking, and I had just got done f*cking; in exactly that order. Any adult knows it’s nearly impossible to hold a person’s attention after that succession of events, but I was about to turn off the TV and there they were. I was mesmerised, and till this day I haven’t heard a better song. Let’s get into this review, you’re totally ready – you know it’s gonna be awesome, I’ve just told you why. I hope this song totally doesn’t set your fire alarms off, ‘cos it’s HOT!! Stop everything you’re doing right now and let’s par-tay! Woo-hoo!! If nothing else does, this warm, soothing record will surely put a gentle smile on your face every single time. It’s refreshing, it’s exciting, it’s organic, and it feels like a fresh start. One of those records that will easily bring you back to your centre when you need it most, even when you didn't realize you were not centred at all. The music industry has strayed and continues to stray from organic sounds like the ones you’ll find here, so cherish this record like it’s your last bag of weed on a Friday night (Oops!! I mean your last slice of pizza). Sweet and soulful with a gentle groove; lyrically sound, exquisite vocal performance, what more could you ask for as a music fan? Good lord, this is amazing! 

Hit the play button and share it with everyone you know. Released on the 10th of February, 2023, the song is available to stream and download on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and all popular digital music streaming and download platforms. 

Have a pleasant day. See you tomorrow.





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