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... forgave Spotify for all the songs it played me that I didn't like today



06-08-2022 02:30 GMT

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Mike Hargreaves

"Until it Happens to You"

Good vibes so pure I almost wee-weed in my office chair ("sigh!"). I'm so happy. In fact I even totally forgave Spotify for all the songs it played me that I didn't like today. There were so many, as usual ("hiss!").

The good old phrase “I need a hand” seems to have taken on a whole new meaning in this sex crazy, deranged world we live in today. Did you know that? I had to find out the hard way. I rushed into my new intern colleague’s office early this morning before anyone else had come in and said it – “quick, I need a hand”. After a little blushing and a cheeky seductive smile, my eyes were met with something I was totally not expecting to see on a weekday morning and hands reaching towards somewhere I would normally not expect them to be going, again not on a weekday morning, in fact not on any morning in the office at all. The words “quick, before anyone else comes in” followed in gentle whispers that sent chills all over my body. Where my old teenage fantasies finally coming true? Years after I had given up trying to make them happen and buckled down to get my life together and be somebody? Was I ready? Was it right? Would we get caught? What if we did? Would the fantasies go a step further? So that whoever caught us joined in and instead of “blowing the whistle” blew on something else? To cut a long story short, I quickly snapped out of it and nothing happened. I shook my head and walked out in disgust, with anger and regret fighting every part of my body that was still tingling and I knew would tingle all day long. I didn’t tell anybody, except you. Don’t tell anybody okay? 

Now back to this sizzling hot record. The track was released back in 2020, but with all the stuff that’s been going on in the world, like most things it didn’t get the full attention it deserved because most of us were distracted, you know, with Covid, and bills and stuff. 

To be honest with you, I hate that I love this so much. Kind of like people who are so nice all the damn time. You know those ones who allow others to go before them all the time? The ones that, even if they needed to make poopoo urgently and were crowning, would still offer to let someone else go in the toilet stall before them? Arghh!! 

Have you noticed that people like that are becoming rarer and rarer? Like kids who used to toilet paper people’s front yards, you don’t see that at all of late – heck no, toilet paper gained a new respect from human kind during the pandemic, and it looks like things are going to stay that way for a very long time, ("sigh!!").  But we’re straying slightly, let’s come back to the song. I’ve got it playing right now and that’s what it'll do to you. You know those songs that just play away and fade into the background before burying themselves in the subconscious part of your mind and doing amazing things to you that you may not even realise they are doing till the song is over and you realise you've shared way too much information with a total stranger? Well, this is one of them. To be honest with you again, if this song doesn’t brighten up your day you’re really screwed – I hate to be that honest but sometimes it’s the only way to go. The minute you hit the play button you’ll know what’s about to happen to you and you will instantly do one of two things. You’ll either quickly hit the stop button, or rather the pause button (have you noticed thanks to Spotify the stop button has been completely abolished? When last did you see one? We’ll talk about how steamed we are about that later, darn Spotify, ruining everything). Or the second thing you may do is you’ll put everything down and just let go and let it do its thing. Which one did you think I did? I did the first one. I knew exactly what the song was about to do to me and I knew I wasn’t ready. I was elbow deep in some serious work with my hands metaphorically firmly gripping the horns of a really wild bull moments before flipping it over and making a stake out of it - yep, I take my work pretty seriously. To cut a long story short I successfully completed the task and I knew exactly what song to play as I sat back in my office chair arrogantly contemplating how much of a raise to demand next time I see the HR guy 😊. Now I can’t get the darn song to stop playing in my head every time I get my wallet out to pay for something – now that I think about it, it’s kind of like one of those infectious, really bright and colourful Bruno Mars type records, but better. 

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