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Music Review: What's A Little Time Anyway by Trevor Ohlsen - Pop - Michigan, USA | Music Discovery XO


19-07-2020 15:46 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Trevor Ohlsen on Apple Music | YouTube

Trevor Ohlsen
"What's A Little Time Anyway?"

Black Lives Matter

All proceeds from Trevor Ohlsen’s new single, “What’s A Little Time Anyway?” are being donated to the Black Lives Matter movement. With a soft piano melody, very minimal backing instrumentation and a deeply moving vocal performance, the emerging Michigan, US pop music sensation paints a vivid picture of the social and political issues faced by the world today, particularly those involving racial tension. If you are anyone who knows anything about pop music then you probably thought you’d never hear a song as meaningful, as spectacularly written and as exquisitely performed as this ever again after Michael Jackson passed away. Well, you were wrong, and today is your lucky day,🍾.

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