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20-07-2020 13:58 GMT

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Music Discovery XO Auditions.
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Music by indie artist, Berchie on Soundcloud |



Turn the lights down low

Crisp, smooth and sensual with crystal clear ambience that will send chills up your body, “Queen” is a love song with all the makings of an R&B summer hit. 

One of those mood setting R&B records that will turn your surroundings into a love dungeon that’s soon to be filled with all types of exciting smells from candles, rose petals, champagne and bath salts to other smelly, sticky stuff we won’t discuss. This will really take you back to when R&B was an actual genre of music as far as music fans were concerned. A time when you knew what to expect when you put an R&B CD or cassette tape into your Hi-Fi system (he-he-he – those things were huge). And a time when women were considered queens and loved for who they were, not for their butts and how well they could make a duck face. This humble song could restore some normality in your life in several ways during these trying times. First of all, it should slow the pace of your heart down to where you can see, touch and smell the roses you pass by today. Secondly, with the unique performance and writing style on offer, this should also restore your faith in the music industry’s ability to deliver something fresh, authentic and out of the box. Furthermore, if you’ve completely lost touch with your passionate side because R&B has been invaded and captured by rappers, rap singers, sing rappers, thongs and annoying dances; this should help you rest assured that the battle for the genre is still going on and the real singers out there are slowly but surely taking back what is rightfully theirs. 

Hailing from Crofton in Maryland, USA, Berchie is an up and coming R&B artist who is bringing the genre back to its essence. This week on the Music Discovery XO Auditions, we were excited to discover this record and also explore his repertoire. Voting is still open. 

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