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Music Review: Sleep Is For The Weak by Eyenine - Hip Hop - New Hampshire, USA | SRL Reviews


16-12-2019 16:45 GMT

Music Reviews (December 2019) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by indie artist, Eyenine on Spotify | YouTube

"Sleep Is For The Weak"
Hip Hop

What do you call a Jamaican superhero with no cape and no super powers?

Stick around to find out.

It’s Christmas time once again and we are all gearing up to start spending, no matter how reluctantly, if we haven’t started already. Kids have started completing their Christmas lists, which they’ve been compiling all year and once again they are about to be more disappointed than a Chinese man standing under a mistletoe after dinner. Luckily they’ll be too busy fantasizing to find out reality really sucks until they are over 15 years old and are out looking for a job to get all the things on those lists, but for grown-ups.

Christmas is a time for fun, laughter, sharing and all that good stuff, so while brainstorming on ways to inject some fun and laughter into our listeners’ lives this holiday season without having to shell out loads of hard earned Sterlings – not because we don’t love you but because we’re cheap and too lazy to go shopping; we came up with the idea of writing jokes at the start of every other article. The music industry has too many problems today and it is getting us all down, whether we know it or not. Spotify is taking over the music game but Spotify is also starting to look like a music business terrorist strapped with bombs all over and it doesn’t even know it. It boasts a business model that doesn’t really seem like a model at all but rather just a poorly thought out money making thingy that is being designed on the fly, while juggling all the world’s favourite songs and albums like old balled up socks with no value. When Spotify’s head of music went on national television a few years back and said “an album was JUST a playlist” it should have become clear to record labels and music industry bigwigs that it was just another company looking to trade stocks and create jobs with no real interest in the interests of today’s music fans, music publishers, record companies or music creators, and apparently no interest in turning over a profit, which it still hasn’t managed to do till this day – even businesses that sell apples and oranges in single units in Africa are doing better. So how long before this ticking time bomb explodes and splatters all our favourite Prince songs all over the music industry's back like semen on a hooker's face; and leaves mainstream record labels feeling used and abused with a little bit of money on the dresser and worthless songs that have been recorded onto the hard drives and mobile devices of fans in high quality audio formats legally and for free or next to nothing? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime let’s get right back to what we are here for; and that’s to celebrate this amazing record by New Hampshire artist, Eyenine who is supported by the legendary hip hop group, Wu Tang's management arm and has chosen to remain more underground than a carrot as most intelligent artists who value their creative freedom and integrity seem to be doing nowadays. Don’t let the title of the track make you feel like a worthless sissy. If it does then you probably wouldn’t be able to survive the musical escapade and mind-boggling lyrical extravaganza that is the US underground rap sensation's repertoire. If mindful lyrical content and boundless creativity is at the top of your list of requirements when you sit down for a session with your hip hop music collection then you are about to be happier than a sissy with a bag of dicks – bet you never thought you could ever be that happy, well you thought wrong.

Fast, with an old school bass line; and light, airy instrumentation remiscent of Atari and capable of putting a restless baby on his back, it’s packed with so many words Eminem would hold his head. You’ll feel like a hip hop insurgent at war with words tearing at you visciously like were standing in the path of a Macmillan machine gun. It’s one of those songs you’ll rewind several times before the first verse is even over, and then several times more over the course of the record.

So did you figure out what you call a Jamaican superhero with no cape and no super powers?

Well, “Idiotman!” of course.

But what if he at least had a cape, but sadly still no powers?

 – “Bombaclaat!”


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