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Music Review: Stay Focused by Rated R Rod - Hip Hop - Tennessee, USA | SRL Reviews


17-12-2019 11:59 GMT

Rated R Rod
"Stay Focused"
Hip Hop

In December of 2018, Tennessee rapper, Rated R Rod burst onto his local music scene with the release of the album, "Waitin' On A Blessing". With 13 tracks, including the critically acclaimed singles "Heart Stop" and "16 Zips", the album put his name right at the top of the list of hot new artists to watch in Memphis. This week on the SRL Networks Auditions we had the pleasure of delving into the album and discovering another notable record among many that not only excels performance and production-wise but also pushes the boundaries of the ever narrowing genre that is hip hop creatively as well. It's one of those records that instantly clicks and sticks in your head the moment you hear it, and you'll be humming it for days, if not weeks. "Stay Focused" kicks off with an infectious melody that will get your heart racing like love at first sight. It quickly blossoms into a sweet, soft pounding beat which is swiftly chased with Rated R's commanding vocal delivery. It's a record that motivates and empowers - one of those songs you hear and automatically feel determined to give your best at whatever it is you are doing. Stick this in your gym music playlists first, and then sprinkle it on every collection that is even remotely hip hop related in your music player.





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