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Music Review: The Panic Movement by Death N Taxes - Rock - California, USA | SRL Reviews


25-11-2019 16:11 GMT

Death n Taxes
"The Panic Movement"

As featured on this week's SRL Auditions. Voting still open.

3 big, loud, super energetic, vigorously satisfying tracks that will bring your rock music collection alive in ways you never even imagined. If you've been looking for something new and exciting outside of the mainstream that will really take you back to the roots of real rock music then consider your search over. This is one of those records you throw on and never want to end, but sadly everything good must come to an end and with just 3 tracks you'll be left no option to keep it on repeat and play it louder and louder each time until people start complaining. Released on the 2nd of September, 2019, it's the latest record by California, US independent garage rock band, Death n Taxes, who made their debut just over 4 years ago and are quickly making a name for themselves in their home region.

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