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Music Review: Blessed by Ez The Lyrical Skitzo | Hip Hop Song | Stream free | Spotify | Apple Music


21-10-2019 18:52 GMT

Music Reviews (October 2019) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by Ezus Christ on Spotify

Ez The Lyrical Skitzo
Hip Hop

Ezus Christ returns

Hailed as one of the most versatile artists on Pennsylvania's emerging hip hop scene, underground US rapper, Ez The Lyrical Skitzo, better known as Ezus Christ - probably for being so amazing in his ways, is back with another underground hit single that is following suit with every single record he has released since he made his debut and causing pandemonium locally and regionally. He is known to dish out more than a handful of different flows on each verse and leave listeners gasping for breaths as he careers through an often already complex, intoxicating beat like a runaway train. This track is a little different, it's slower so much easier to digest, but consequently it'll have you holding your head owing to its simplicity as well as its complexity - the complexity being trying to figure out how something simple could be so good.


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