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Music Review: We're Going To Be Free by The Swinging Chads | Americana Song | Stream free | Apple Music | Reverbnation


21-10-2019 19:15 GMT

The Swinging Chads
"We're Going To Be Free"

Meaningful lyrics, a moderate tempo and a sound that reaches deep inside your soul and caresses it. Soothing with a very comforting and reassuring message of freedom.

Folk music is a genre of music that encompasses everything we’ve discovered and grown to love about good music over the years. It’s one of those genres that other genres take a lot from, and one of those genres that seemingly managed to retain most of its original elements and feel longer than many others did. If storytelling and instrumentation that speaks to the soul is what you like then you could never go wrong with folk music. This week on the SRL Networks Auditions we had the great pleasure of exploring the discography of an exciting new band from California, USA. They offer a distinctive sound and are blazing a trail in the genre like no other band has done in a very long time. In an era of music where discovery now involves a great deal of hard work and determination – with so many new artists and bands emerging daily, and so much music being given away for next to nothing by Spotify and other desperate music services eager to shove every possible sound in as many ears and as little time as possible in order to secure a sizable chunk of market share in the already struggling music industry, discovering new bands regularly is becoming a rarity that only few fans are enjoying the fulfillment of achieving. But luckily you are not one of them since you are here. “We’re Going To Be Free” is one of the latest singles by The Swinging Chads. It was released back in 2018. Kicking off with a sweet harmonica tune, it’s a song that wastes no time is sucking the listener in, and then keeps them firmly gripped all the way through to the end with an infectious shaker that opens the door to a happy place where being still is not just forbidden but impossible as well. This track will not just keep your head moving side to side, it’ll keep your feet moving and your hips swaying.




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