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Music Review: AATW by Big Money Brezzy | Hip Hop Song | Stream free | Apple Music | Spotify


12-04-2019 20:02 GMT

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Hip Hop


Better known as GoldMynd, BigMoneyBrezzy is an artist that never disappoints, in fact he exceeds all expectations more often than not, and this is one of those cases where he has grossly surpassed the wildest imaginations and desires of any and everyone who has been following and listening closely by a hundred fold. The beat is superb - the type of beat that will take you to the moon and then shuttle you between space and cloud nine just to be sure your adrenaline is still rushing. The lyrics are masterful - anyone who knows anything about Brezzy knows to expect the unexpected every time he rhymes but "out of this world" doesn't even begin to describe the extent to which his wordplay has been taken in this brilliant, thoroughly satisfying record. The delivery - juicy, there is no other way to describe it - take your favorite rapper's flow, dip it in liquid gold and this is what you'll get.

Don't just hit the play button all willy-nilly, crank your speakers up to the max, remove any fancy EQs, bass boosters or plugins so you can feel it in its purest form, and then get up on your feet - you'll want to do a little bit of bouncing around.


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