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Love and longing are not the same



26-02-2022 03:27 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Megan Mcduffee on Spotify | Bandcamp

Megan Mcduffee

"13th Hour"

Songwriting, like God intended

Did you ever hear the story about the dog that never crossed the road? Of course you didn’t, there is no such tale and there probably never will be. Oh wait, there will, in fact be one – this one you are about to read now.

There was a cute little puppy who was always told to look left and right before crossing the road, however, it was never told that it couldn’t do both at the same time (😊 SMH). Can you tell where this is going? Yep, you guessed right, nowhere right? On its first day out on its own, it stood at the side of the road waiting for the perfect time but the perfect time never came, because there was no way of determining when the time was perfect. The moral of the story is that you’ve got to be specific! As specific as that last safety wipe of your caboose before hitting the flush button after doing that thing you do immediately after your morning coffee or your Captain Crunch cereal for all you weird cereal junkies out there. As specific as a bomb defuser’s wire cutter. As specific as Drake’s hairline before he claimed Covid destroyed it (WTF, Covid is being blamed for EVERYTHING!). If you are wondering what all this talk about being specific is all about then you have probably never been here before (newbie, SMH 😆). If you have been here before you’d probably already know by now that what you reading is just the product of an excited mind under the influence of some really compelling sonic vibrations and that what you are about to listen to could in fact be the OPPOSITE of specific – because we’re so edgy here like that. You know, like when we say “bad” we mean “good”, and when we say “sick” no one’s vomiting. Was going to add that when we talk about chains and whips no one is picking cotton but it seemed a little racist, so won’t say that. 

But back to this awesome track. 

“13th Hour” is the title track of San Francisco, US composer turned singer Megan McDuffee’s new album.  She has been blowing the socks of electronic music fans for a few years now and is on a steady rise to superstardom while still managing to excel more so than ever before in the world of video game and film music composing. It’s a song that, like a maze, will take you to a very special mysterious place that you’ll never want to escape from, but couldn’t if you tried. And no, hitting the pause or stop button on Spotify won’t help you. It’s one of those songs that just echoes in your ears gently forever. It's one of those peculiar records that won’t necessarily hit your sweet spot immediately but it will do things you like and touch you in places that make you feel so good (musically obviously). It's classical music meets trance and dance, with a groove that will make you move and vocal whispers that will make you shiver. Why haven’t you hit the play button yet? You’re still thinking about the word "specific" aren’t you? Okay let’s talk about it a little bit more. Nowadays, it’s quite rare for songs to be specific. When was the last time you heard a song that made sense all the way through? It was about one thing, and one thing only; and all the way through, everything revolved around that one thing. Listen to any new song and you’ll get an idea of what is being said here. One disgruntled old school music fan said "listening to today's music is like being cornered by Prince in a dark alley and tickled with a soft white feather frantically from head to toe in a bid to find your sweetest spot". Talk about a nightmare right? That's so scary. Imaging if Prince was also wearing those infamous white pants that had the butt cheeks cut out and he was jiggling his butt cheeks while doing it? He-he-he. Just to be clear, he was a straight male.

Songs are rarely about anything now, they say they are about something and the next thing you know they have drifted off and are talking about something else, kind of like the way I write, but not cool and exciting like I do it 😊. I totally understood where he was coming from. Sometimes I want to hear a song about love that is ONLY about love, and that doesn’t drift off to talk about the people that hate every other verse, or about eating boogina (yep, that's a word, but don't Google it). So I guess this review was a little selfish. Sorry, there's too much about me in here. At least you get a really good and  specific song out of it – a song about love and longing, and getting lost in a maze of desire with the apple of your eye. It’s really “specific” all the way through. Enjoy! “Chef’s kiss”. 

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