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Music Review: Like A Lady by Crissi Cochrane - Pop - Ontario, Canada | Music Discovery XO


19-05-2020 14:55 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Crissi Cochrane on Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Crissi Cochrane
"Like A Lady"

Kiss me
Smooth, sensual, and infused with so much love you'll need someone to hold once it's over, “Like A Lady” is a record that, like most of the songs in Crissi Cochrane’s repertoire, offers a sound and overall vibe that is very much lacking in today’s music. It’s elegant, softer that a baby’s quilt, and you’ll feel like you are floating on clouds once you hit the play button.

Don’t listen to this song if your dream girl has a playboy tattoo in the small of her back (or maybe a downward-pointing arrow even - yuck!). This is one of those records you only throw on when you are in the presence of a real lady - you know, the ones that laugh softly with a hand over their mouth, and talk like there's an angel sleeping on their tongue. 

By the time you are done listening to this you’ll be running a hot bath, sprinkling rose petals everywhere, pouring a glass of fine white wine and lighting candles. 




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