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Music Review: BlackLoveAlbum by 1Splace Poe't - Hip Hop - Florida, USA | Music Discovery XO


03-05-2020 23:59 GMT

1sPlace Poe't
Hip Hop

So different

Sail away into the moonlight with this feel-good hip hop album, or better still, float away to cloud 9 with it. This mellow 7 track record wants nothing more than for you to be yourself and to love yourself for who you are, not who you want to be or who you think you should be. With a love theme and good vibes all the way through, this is a far cry from the usual curse word heavy; violence gratifying; sex, money and drugs  worshiping hip hop that is rampant today. This offers a more positive and conscious vibe, and a generally more mature outlook on life. Throw this on when you need to listen to something liberal and chilled that won’t judge you. Add this to your conscious hip hop playlist. 

As featured on this week's Music Discovery XO Auditions. Voting still open.





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