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Music Review: Tik Tok by Big Money Brezzy - Hip Hop - Texas, USA | SRL Reviews


26-02-2020 17:05 GMT

Big Money Brezzy
"Tik Tok"
Hip Hop


This record is for those times in your life when you look yourself in the eye and think to yourself, “damn I’m amazing”. For the moments when you’ve outdone yourself and not only do you feel superhuman and out-of-this-world, you admire yourself as if you were someone else entirely. It’s for those moments in life when life is good and it’s all thanks to you. But this isn’t one of those cocky records where a rapper with a humongous ego and 10 too many chains just walks up to the microphone and says “I’m the shit... you’re just shit”, and walks off like he made a hit record; it’s a masterfully performed record that says all that without sounding arrogant, as impossible as that may seem. It’s playful, it’s exciting, it’s even rude and insulting, but somehow, it’s not like any of those songs you hear on MTV where the high point of the song involves someone giving you the finger before proceeding to bury their head in-between someone’s doodie hole covers.


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