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Music Review: The Chicago Story by Threez - Hip Hop - Illinois, USA | Music Discovery XO


27-02-2020 19:52 GMT

"The Chicago Story"
Hip Hop

Essential concept hip hop album

Bringing back all the amazing sounds and styles that saw to it that hip hop is now as big and diverse as it is today, Threez’ 6 track EP, “The Chicago Story” is a concept album that is guaranteed to take even the most discerning hip hop fans and critics on a ride they’ll never forget, through the tough streets of Chicago, Illinois, USA. This is one of those albums that hits hard from start to finish – every beat, every bar of lyrics, every melody and every single drum hit has a purpose and a rightful place exactly where it has been placed. The album is thoroughly refreshing and satisfying regardless of what type of hip hop you are into, old school, or new.





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