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Music Review: Say A by Gift Gable | Stream free

07-07-2018 22:33 GMT

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"Say A"
Hip Hop

That fire in your belly - this is what is really sounds like.

We've been here so many times. Great beat, amazing production, big budget, massive sound, but mainstream rappers today somehow just have a way of sucking the life out of a track and making songs so boring sometimes. A Boogie wit the Hoodie's track, "Say A" was cool, received widespread praise and came with a really fun music video as well, too bad it was flawed with all the same old overused lyrics and sleepy/tired/lazy/weak vocal delivery and antics we are all sick to the stomach of.

Luckily we found this remake of the track by Brooklyn, New York underground hip hop star, GiftGable that made the track's multi-thousand dollar budget all worth it, for underground hip hop fans at least.

There's no fancy sing-rapping or rap-singing here, it's not sweet or sexy, the vocal delivery is a lot more hungry and forceful with a lot more bass (many of these new rappers need more bass in their voices), and it's more ruthless and fierce than pompous or arrogant. This is Brooklyn hip hop, raw, uncut, real and exactly as it should be. Enjoy!


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