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Music Review: Be Free by Honorebel - Reggae - Miami, USA | SRL Reviews


02-01-2020 16:00 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Honorebel on Soundcloud | Apple Music

"Be Free"

You can do it!

2020 seems like the year when all the world’s sewage is bound to surface. As in the old African saying, “ your shit came up today” (translated); all the dark secrets and BSes the world - including you (yes, you) and I, has been hiding is bound to surface for everyone to see. Technology has become so advanced that scientists now have time to kick back and drink fine wine in space – whose brilliant idea was that? Was that Einstein’s dream? Everyone knows you don’t catch a buzz in space, that’s a recipe for disaster if nothing else at all. Even Snoop Dogg is probably shaking his head somewhere and thinking how bad an idea it is, but let’s wait and see. Be sure to carry an umbrella every single day because there could be burnt out body parts raining down from space any time soon, or weeks old piss from drunk astronauts urinating on the world from the International Space Station.

But where were we? Songs tend to get worse with every passing generation – it seems to be a trend that has existed probably since the very first song, “Hurrian Hymn No. 6” was written over 3400 years ago in the place we now know as Southern Iraq. With so many new artists, possibly a record number, so many new songs all seemingly created in a hurry from the sound of them, and so little money to go around in the struggling mainstream music industry, it’s safe to say 2019 was a very “trendy” year in music – or are we listening to the wrong mainstream radio stations?

The new generation of music fans have been so unfortunate, to say the very least. They heard some of the worst songs the music industry has ever had to offer. But it hasn’t been all bad, they’ve been seduced with other perks along the way – for example, they’re the first generation of music fans that can safely say they've seen more camel toes than Jesus - just from watching MTV alone every now and again. If that’s not enough for the 13 to 17 year olds that seem to be the main target audience for most of the new mainstream records that were released over the past year alone, then what is? But again, where were we? Technology has become so advanced that in no time everyone’s secrets will be out on the Internet for everyone else to see. We'll all be celebrities in our own rights, and we’ll no longer need to worship musicians and actors, emulate them, or judge ourselves or our peers based on what the Kardashians look like or are doing. We’ll all be free to be ourselves. So if you haven’t chosen your anthem for 2020 yet, let this be it – “Be Free”.

Released during the later part of last year, the record has a feel good vibe like no other record that has been released this decade and is one of few songs with mainstream appeal that didn't follow in the aforementioned downward trend, in fact the track set a new high for feel-good reggae music as we know it.

Happy New Year! And may 2020 bring you all your heart desires, and then some more.

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