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Music Review: If I Don't by Derek Anthony - Country - Texas, USA | SRL Reviews


04-12-2019 15:04 GMT

Derek Anthony
"If I Don't"

As featured on this week's SRL Networks Auditions.

Derek Anthony is quickly making himself known as Texas, USA's next big country star. With an authentic and original formidable and ever so exciting country rock sound, which has been perfected over several years of performing live, he is without doubt one of this year's top emerging artists to watch. This week we had the pleasure of listening to a sizable chunk of his extensive repertoire, which dates as far back as 2012, including this exciting record which has proven to be a fan favorite over 5 years after its release back in 2014. It's an exquisitely written and performed song about meeting someone new who is not looking for anything serious, but isn't looking for a one night stand either - or at least so they say. We've all been there haven't we?




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