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Music Review: What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas by Crissi Cochrane | Soul Song | Stream free | YouTube | Bandcamp


25-11-2019 15:19 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Crissi Cochrane on YouTube | Bandcamp

Crissi Cochrane
"What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas"

Happy tears

Christmas is a time for sharing, a time to spend time with friends and loved ones, a time to relax and above all a time to get as far away from work or school or anything even remotely stressful as possible. It’s a time when you are most likely to see old relatives and old friends, both the ones you like and the ones you don’t, and hence a time to make peace, even if only for those special 24 hours. But Christmas songs are getting old, we hear them every single year and no matter how hard today’s music stars try they fail to capture the original magic and pure, unspoiled excitement, the innocence and the immense joy that the old ones offer, at least not without distorting it a little bit with their own vision of what Christmas should be or whatever disgusting fantasies they make have, and think we should too. Mariah Carey, George Michael, Justin Bieber, Destiny's Child, Ariana Grande, NSYNC, John Legend; they’ve all tried but no matter how great, there always seems to be something missing, too much added, or too much in common with the very songs we all need a break from whether we know it, like it or accept it, or not.

Ontario, Canada’s independent soul music star, Crissi Cochrane had a go at it in her critically acclaimed “Santa Baby” EP back in back in 2016 and completely nailed it, not just with this track, “What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas”, but also with the 2 other songs on the EP, which, to say the least, will give you butterflies. You know those songs so good they’ll make you say “ouch” and make you wish you could get inside your body and hold yourself real tight? Those songs that’ll make you feel like James Brown – so good you can just kiss yourself?

"Sometimes I feel so nice good God I jump back I wanna kiss myself" - James Brown

Yes, this track will do exactly that to you. Not only will you want nothing more than to wrap your arms tight around yourself and tell yourself everything’s going to be alright this Christmas, like you do when you feel like the whole world has turned against you or deserted you in your time of need; you’ll also feel like you died and went to heaven, and somehow managed to convince Jesus you were totally innocent - you'll feel a sense of absolution from all your worries, that's all that means - nobody knows what you did last Christmas, or if you've been good or bad all year (wink-wink).

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