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Music Review: Honey Smoke by Kulture Freedem | Hip Hop Song | Stream free | Soundcloud |


24-11-2019 20:43 GMT

Kulture Freedem
"Honey Smoke"
Hip Hop

New York rapper, Kulture Freedem made his return to hip hop a couple of years back after a long hiatus that left fans in despair following a successful independent hip hop career that was as promising as a lone pair of Victoria’s Secrets hanging on the clothes line in the new neighbor's back yard. He offered a fresh new sound that was and still is very unique, and his return to the microphone after over 10 years is bringing much joy to New York’s underground hip hop scene and the East Coast as a whole. “Honey Smoke” was released back in February. The forceful vocal delivery shows the amount of energy and passion that has inevitably built up from being away from the studio for so long with so much talent and so much to give, and is a sign of good things to come. If you like your hip hop hard and thorough then this one’s for you.


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