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Music Review: 187 by Drex | Hip Hop Song | Stream free | Reverbnation |


30-10-2019 22:38 GMT

Hip Hop

Forceful vocal delivery, killer beat, hard drums, really slow bounce, very thrilling vibe - thoroughly satisfying. 

This powerful, exquisitely orchestrated hip hop record will have your speakers laid out flat on the floor in less than the time it would take you to say WTF. Hip hop has always been one of those genres with that uncanny ability to make its listeners feel like they’ve been lifting weights. Get your ears on the right song at the right time, ideally by a hungry new artist that just made their debut; and you could experience what it feels like to be impregnable! (yep, that's a word) - like you've got 10 bullet holes that all healed nicely, arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger and more focus than Cyclops. This is that song - prepare to feel like Superman, because, you're amazing.





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