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Music Review: Ghetto Paradise by Six9 | Hip Hop Song | Stream free | Spotify | YouTube


03-08-2019 14:17 GMT

Indie Music Reviews (August 2019) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by Six9 on Spotify | YouTube

"Ghetto Paradise"
Hip Hop


Six9 ticked all the boxes of every A&R's dreams with this record. It is featured on the critically acclaimed "Dirt Road Dreams" mixtape, and even though it has a more commercial feel than any of the records on the mixtape, which is targetted more at die-hard, hardcore and underground hip hop fans than anyone else, it still ranks as one of the top fan favorites somehow. It's a brilliantly crafted record with crossover appeal that would land it on MTV and BET as easily as it would Hot 97. It's bright and colorful with a celebratory theme that will have you feeling like you're sitting on top of the world with a million big ones tucked in your socks. The beat is sweet, colourful and crispy clean with silky tones, blissful melodies and hard, boxy drums that bang. The lyrics are inspiring and motivational, and masterfully delivered. Production is exquisite.

A masterpiece!

A hip hop Picasso





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