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Music Review: Fool's Gold by Robert Leslie | Folk Song | Stream free | Bandcamp | iTunes


30-05-2019 23:37 GMT

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Robert Leslie
"Fool's Gold"

Easy does it

New York based UK folk singer songwriter, Robert Leslie is one of those deceptively low-key artists that will take your breath away in a heartbeat with nothing but a guitar or a ukulele. He has a way with words even Shakespeare couldn't contest. His new album, "Masks & Mirrors" was released back in July 2018 and many are still digesting the first track, this track - it's that good. "Fools Gold" is one of those songs with a meaning, a purpose and a message you may or may never fully grasp, much like the subject matter of the song. But one thing is guaranteed, and it's that approximately 3 minutes after you hit the play button you'll feel a massive volcano of love and all sorts of four letter words erupting inside you that will all fail to accurately define just how refreshed and liberated you feel, followed by a sigh of relief more enjoyable than an after sex cigarette.


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