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Music Review: Coolslime37 by The Watermark High | Electronic Song | Stream free | Soundcloud | iTunes


30-05-2019 23:01 GMT

Indie Music Reviews (May 2019) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Electronic artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Electronic performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.

The Watermark High


Released on the 25th of May, this exquisitely crafted electronic music masterpiece by none other than Johannesburg, South Africa's most celebrated EDM producer and music composer, Paul Van Der Walt will take you to the depths of music technology and have you wondering why everything couldn't sound as crisp. By the time you are done trying to wrap you head around the pristine, mind-boggling clarity of the track and failing to understand how it could have possibly come about, you'll find that the sweet, graceful and nothing short of heavenly melodies have taken you to a place much happier than your happy place, and you are happier than you've ever been your entire life. This is one of those records that will set the bar for good music so high nothing and no one would be able to please you aurally for a very long time, so think twice before hitting that play button.




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