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... for anyone who has never owned a CD player



18-04-2023 13:13 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Yung Rackz on Apple Music | Spotify

Yung Rackz

"Back In The Day"
Hip Hop

If you haven’t been here before; welcome to one of the dirtiest places on the internet right now after Porn Hub, MTV and literally any hip hop music website. But no, there is no ass eating, or calling b*tches hoes, or thong wearing, or unscrupulous flinging of dry faecal matter in the air (oops!! I mean twerking). It’s tastefully dirty, almost even classy. Kind of like Madonna, or Marilyn Monroe - but definitely not like Kim Kardashian at all, or Cardi B - yuk, yuk, yuk. 

To cut a long story short, this isn’t your regular music review website and if you're sensitive your feelings will get really hurt really fast. If you’ve never been here before you should probably leave right now, but that’s entirely up to you. Actually I think you can just head over here and read my previous article which was titled Jesus, P*ssy and Dollars and then decide if you would like to stay or not. Even my closest colleagues are still campaigning to have me removed from the SRL writers room for it. 

Okay I see you've decided to stay - ballsy, but cool. Let's do this! 

On Monday I had the weirdest, most uncomfortable meeting I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t embarrass easily but this was super awkward. I’m hoping the people involved read this so they can get a good understanding about what actually happened because no one addressed the elephant in the room even though we all couldn't stop looking at it throughout. 

Here’s what had happened. My boss has got this really annoying toddler. She strolls around in her Ferrari baby walker thingy demanding juice and barging in unexpectedly when I’m playing "Call Of Booty (wink, wink)"  with her mommy in the night (and in the mornings too sometimes). Wait, did I also tell you my girlfriend is my  boss? Yep, it’s pretty awesome. You should try it. In fact, I just got a pay rise. Anyway, the little twat has done a lot of crazy stuff in the past but nothing tops what happened on Monday morning while I was making brownies (💩). She badged into the toilet like the police telling me she had run out of juice or she needed a nappy change or something. I was so pissed off on my way out to work I locked the wheels of her stroller, knocked over her stupid Sippy cup and took her last diaper. The look on her face when I took the diaper was priceless. She immediately knew - she was totally screwed. I forgot I had it in my pocket and I took it to work. I arrived at the office in a haste and while reaching for my USB key I found it and just tossed it on the table with some other stuff that was in my pocket, thinking nothing of it. Shortly after, there was a knock on the door. It was time for my 9 o’clock meeting with some big shot editors who apparently came to discuss ways in which I could make my writing more family-friendly and less, well, less “offensive to so many people”, as they put it. I had told them to come in and sit down before noticing that there was a pink diaper with Barbie pictures all over it right on my desk beside my cup of morning whisky (oops!! I mean coffee), and there was a 12 pack of ribbed condoms right on top of it – it was in my pocket too when I reached for my USB key thingy. What can I say? I like to be prepared. 

My first thought was to immediately grab them both and toss them in a draw or under the table before starting the meeting but I did the wrong thing and hesitated to think a little bit first. And in that moment all our eyes met and we could all tell we were all wondering why the f* there was a f*cking diaper on the table with condoms, and a vibrating cock ring, and plenty lube. Oh wait, didn’t I mention those other items before? My bad. Yep, like I said before, I like to be prepared – don’t judge me, I bet you’ve got weird stuff in your pocket right now too. To cut a long story short we ended up doing the whole meeting without mentioning anything about the items on the table. They had a look on their faces like they could have really used an explanation by the end of the meeting but I didn’t know what to say so I said absolutely nothing. To be honest I really didn’t GAF but I felt like they really did so I wanted to help, I just couldn’t. When I was a newbie at SRL, eager to impress everyone, I probably would have come up with something clever or even witty to say, and it would have been amazing. But not nowadays, now that I’ve discovered it’s damn near impossible to impress anyone in the world. In fact I suspect it’s absolutely impossible. You try, and let me know how it goes. You’ll see. Do something really amazing and see how many dead faces you’re met with – everyone looks like Dua Lipa now. By the time people are nine years old nowadays they’ve seen the whole world, future technologies up to 50 years in advance, all history; they know everything about space, where to find Jesus, the best way not to get there, 50 ways to get away with sinning, how to never do homework, what your penis or vagina looks like, what it will look like 50 years from now, how to get rid of it if you don't want it, everything about sagging breasts, how to milk a cow without getting twice more aroused than you would normally get while squeezing breasts (since there are 4, not just 2), how to reach the sun without getting sunburn (by going at night obviously), how to make money without doing anything, how to get higher than you've ever been your entire life, how to drink without driving (Uber obviously), how to eat p*ssy till you burp… the list goes on. So forget about it, that’s what I’ve done and it’s working pretty well for me. My philosophy now is “if you think I’m sh*t, that’s your business – I’ll make my best poopoo every time and serve it to you with a smile”. I’m starting to suspect the only way left to impress anyone now is to literally blow yourself up live on TikTok while everyone is dancing. Surely that should get a few reactions – but no facial expressions, reverence or respect; just maybe a few mutual nods with pressed lips. I felt like I should tell you that so you know I didn’t even try while being so amazing throughout the course of this article. I can tell you’re loving it, and it gets better. 

When SRL approached me and offered me this awesome job my first reaction was: “You want ME to work for YOU? Do you really know what you’re asking? Or is this just another one of those scenarios where at the end of it all I tell myself God must be playing a trick on me again?”

I mean SRL is a pretty huge deal but I’m me, I’m not one of those guys who just wakes up early in the morning and turns up to work EVERY SINGLE DAY like I’ve got nothing else to do. To be honest with you I don’t even know why I came in today. I was f*cking, and then I decided to take a walk and have a cigarette, and then one thing led to another and I’m here now. So I thought, “what the heck, they’ve been asking me to review a song from this big ass pile of CDs and tapes, why not!”. So here it goes… 

And by the way, this is not gonna be one of those music reviews where I tell you how amazing the song is, give you all the producer and songwriter credits, tell you all the chords that were played and analyse every single one of them; and then you hit play and you f* off – I’m not a prostitute m-kay? We’re gonna discuss it, have a conversation, have a few laughs here and there, and then see where it goes from there. There isn’t gonna be any “wham bam thank you mam” sort of scenario here like all those other desperate music blogs that beg you to listen and share and then ask you to buy them a cup of coffee after. When you’re f*cking with me, you’re f*cking with the best! (“Scarface voice”) M-kay? This is more than just another music review. In fact if you make it to the end of this article I bet you your life would have changed. And then, you’ll hit the play button, and be totally blown away by the amazing record we’re about to talk about. 

I feel like I’ve given away too much already. I’ve already told you it’s amazing so many times. So now, I’m going to try to make you forget, so that it’s a mindboggling surprise when you hit the play button – like when you’re on a date with someone spectacular, and after nearly an hour of the best soul gazing, drinking, mind fucking and mental undressing you’ve ever done – you realize she was planning to come home with you THE ENTIRE TIME, AND she wasn’t even wearing any underwear...

So let’s get to forgetting now, shall we? Forgetting is a really important part of life. You'll practice it today, right here right now. Once you've learned the art of forgetting, you'll be really awesome and be able to forget anything or anyone unpleasant and focus and be your best self every single time, kind of like me but not as awesome - this here takes practise and persistence, m-kay? Baby steps..  

Have you ever looked at the McDonald’s sign upside down and wondered how no one else ever discovered it was just a pair of really perfect boobies upside down?

I know right? I guess now you know why you can’t say no every time you see the sign – regardless of whether you’re on a diet, it’s lent or even Good Friday, you’ve got high cholesterol, or whatever. You’re not after the Big Mac, you want boobies, upside down, like the ones you see when you're on holiday; everyone does. Okay that one was too easy, let’s go deeper. 

To be honest with you, I haven’t got any deeper – that’s all I’ve got. Honesty is my weakness, and it gets me every time. People say silly stuff like “just be yourself” and “we’re not here to judge anybody”, and my favourite, “the truth will set you free”, but nobody is ever impressed when I tell them how I really feel. In fact, remember what I told you I was doing before I decided to come to work? Of course you don't. See? you're already forgetting stuff, it's working – I said I was f*cking. But didn’t you even bother to ask yourself why anyone in their right mind would suddenly dismount, put their clothes back on and bow out  gracefully to take a walk? Absolutely insane wouldn’t you say? Well, let me explain.

A couple of days ago, me and my girlfriend went a little too far in a role playing scenario and had a little accident. To cut a long story short, she ended up in the emergency room and is kind of sort of partially sighted, but the doctor said it should clear up in a few days. He advised that we should try to keep our hands off each other for a while to avoid any complications but we couldn’t – she’s so amazing, and I’m sure I’m irresistible too. We were role playing again this morning. She was Mary Magdalene, and I was Jesus – trying to rid her of her seven notorious demons by severe spanking. It was so amazing. Everything was going smoothly and then she went and called out another man’s name right in the middle of it all. Her exact words were: “deeper, oh god!!!”. I said: “what??!” I was so steamed I didn't even take off the robe and sandals, I just left. People must have thought I was Kanye West when I walked into the office. It was so weird, but whatever. 

I was so steamed before I left her house that I felt like I had to make a statement before leaving. She couldn’t understand what she had done wrong so she followed me to the living room and tried to talk things out. Since she couldn’t see, and since I was overcome with so much anger, I wanted to do something that would really hurt her feelings the way she had hurt mine. So I… I... I kind of sort of, em… 

I "blew my own trumpet" and finished in her fish bowl. Then I sat on the couch and watched the fish eat it. She hadn’t got a clue what was going on but before I got up and slammed the door I heard her say “what’s that smell?”. I’m never calling that b*tch again. What kind of psycho b*tch calls out their boyfriend’s dad’s name in the middle of sex? WTF right?

So how was that? Have you forgotten what I said you were supposed to forget? You have, haven’t you? Damn I’m good!

Okay let’s go.

Now, this is one of those songs that’ll take you by surprise like an apple hitting you on the head under an apple tree on a fine sunny afternoon while you're thinking – you’ll totally not be expecting to hear anything like this but it will power up a light bulb in your head and give you ideas and make you realise what you've been missing.  Nope, you won't hear anything like this in this era of music. This strange era of music when you can have 50 million songs in your pocket and still be totally bored. Can you believe that sh*t? Spotify ruined everything! I keep telling everyone but nobody believes me. And you know how they can fix it? Just put back the f*cking “stop” button already. Certain things are there for a purpose. And just because you can remove them doesn’t mean you should – like: what if Marilyn Monroe had removed her mole? Or, what if Michael Jackson had NOT removed his big ass nose, he-he-he. To be honest, I totally loved that nose, it was perfectly fine – a little oily, but nothing a little cocaine wouldn’t take care of. Oops!! I meant powder. Let’s move on quickly. Where were we? Ah yes, the stop button.

There are certain things in life that make me know when the end of an activity has been reached. Like cumming – it lets me know when I’m done f*cking. And cigarette butts (or, err em, roaches), to let me know when I’m done smoking. And candlestick telephones to let me know when I’m done talking to people who are not there – instead of having them secretly follow me around in my pocket on Twitter and Facebook. And ignition keys so I can tell my car when I’m done driving – push start is cool too but still a little annoying, I want to take the key OUT. And disposable energiser batteries so I can figure out when my girlfriend is never gonna cum, that b*tch! F*ck recharging. I think you get the point anyway, everything needs a stop button or a finish line. So let’s start a petition now to get our musical lives back in order – we need a stop button Spotify! What do we want? Stop button. When do we want it? NOW!

Wait, where were we again?

Ah yes, you totally won’t be expecting to hear this type of song, but when you hit that play button and the sound hits you you’re gonna feel like Michael Jackson right before he grabs his crotch and slaps it really hard – “HEEEEEEE-HEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" 

It’s not a pop song but it’s one of those songs that has something relatable in it for everyone. I had to go way way back in the Skunk Radio Live archives for this one and you’ll thank me for it. If you don’t know already, Yung Rackz is Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA’s next big hip hop star and he’s doing really spectacular things right now in the music industry. I wanted to take you way back in time to the song that put his name on the map – the song that made his career what it is today. 

“Back In The Day” is a hip hop record about trials and tribulations. It's reminiscent of “Juicy” by the late great Notorious B.I.G, but it’s spectacular in its own way. I like to refer to it as a "Juicy" for anyone who has never owned a CD player. It's the second of two songs on the critically acclaimed debut EP “I’m 2 Much” which was originally released back in 2012/13 but later re-released around about 2021. It’s got a very sweet nostalgic vibe and a juicy beat that will carry you away into a world of your own where everything is possible if you just keep on pushing on. It’s motivational, inspirational, lyrically masterful and impactful. To be honest with you I don’t think I’ve heard a hip hop record this good since Guru’s “You Know My Steez”. If you haven’t heard “You Know My Steez” by Guru… Em… I really don’t know what to say to you. In fact I’m tempted to tell you to go away, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you’ve heard it but you just don’t know the title or who sang it. Listen to it here. It should pop up in a new window so just close it when you’re are done and then scroll down a little bit and hit the play button in the Spotify music player below to listen to this amazing Yung Rackz record I’ve been trying to tell you about. It’s an oldie but a goodie, and if you are a hip hop music fan who knows anything about hip hop then you’ll probably know instantly that it belongs in every single one of your hip hop music playlists on Spotify, Apple Music or whatever music streaming platform you use to destroy the music industry. Oops!! I meant "discover new artists and explore your favourite genres of music". Like I said before, you won’t hear a record like this anywhere else today, so make sure you share it - let’s make it go viral. 

Wait, wait, wait… My girlfriend just texted me and said her fish had twins. WTF! I’ve got to go, this is BS. I know she’s f*cking with me. I knew she could see all this time. She’s just been making me do all her typing and make her breakfast every morning, and do her daughter's maths homework, and wash her dirty underwear by hand. Oops!! I’ve said too much. Hope you enjoy the track, see you tomorrow.



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