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Music Review: Xennials by Love X Stereo - Electronic Rock - Seoul, South Korea | Music Discovery XO


31-03-2021 14:29 GMT

Music Reviews (March 2021) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Electronic Rock artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Electronic Rock performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by indie band, Love X Stereo on Spotify | Bandcamp

Love X Stereo
Electronic Rock


Where do we start? 

Don't you hate when people downplay their best effort just in case it's not good enough? Everyone's doing it now, it's so annoying. Unfortunately we are about to do it, so start hating

Here it goes... Nothing's ever good enough when it comes to reviewing a new Love X Stereo song or album. Each one grossly surpasses the last sonically, creatively and conceptually, as has been the case for the 9+ years spanning their illustrious independent music career, which began with the release of the critically acclaimed 4 track album "Buzzin" back in 2011 when they were a trio. To be honest it gets frustrating sometimes - writing then rewriting, then starting from scratch and repeating time and time again to no avail. To cut a long story short, this is just another sorry attempt at writing a fitting review for what can only be described as a "life changing" album, one you'll hold very close to your heart next to God and PPE; in fact don't waste your time reading it, just skip over to the play button at the end and hit it really hard so your music player knows something huge is about to happen

Wait, that seemed like a terrible way to start. Let's start over again. See? It's happening already. Okay this one's the one. Here it goes. Eer em...

This is one of those albums that are so exciting to listen to that nothing written could ever do justice describing how amazing it is; in fact, too much hype may even make it seem like just another mainstream album with a really big PR budget, expensive soundfonts and highly targeted groove templates and arrangements designed to generate maximum streaming revenue on Spotify, and a lot of Shazam hits.

If you are not sober right now and you are reading this you are making a big mistake. This will make you feel so good that you’ll never want to stop drinking, smoking or doing whatever you do to take the edge off in these unprecedented times. But why is it so good, you may ask? After all, every album must be good in some way or the other or else the artist or band that created it wouldn’t have released it, right? That’s where you are wrong, and probably where you have been getting it wrong; maybe that’s why your music collection sucks so bad – yes, we said it. It sucks!

An album is a collection of songs put together to form a body of work that means something. The songs would either have been created together or put together with the purpose of fulfilling a theme or concept, tell a story, evoke a vibe, stimulate an emotional response, or for whatever reason its creator(s) decided at the start of the project or somewhere along the way. The extent to which an album meets the specification of any of the above criteria is what makes an album good, hence, an album can be good without even being heard – wouldn't you agree? 

Xennials” are the generation that were born at the end of the analog era and the beginning of the digital era. With that definition in mind it’s easy to figure out that Love X Stereo’s new album “Xennials” has been a long time in the making since it is the epiphany of the band’s sound – a skillful intoxicating blend of ‘90s sounds and electronic sounds of the ‘00s. The album was a good album even before it was made, maybe that’s why it is so good. With 7 tracks, each one better than the last, it will have you dancing around in space on an imaginary timeline of music somewhere between the 90’s and the 00’s. With a futuristic ambience and a heavenly feel, it's a masterfully-crafted record that will send your music collection’s self-esteem and yours too through the roof. It’s big, it’s sophisticated, groovy, purposeful, introspective, and it will make you feel like a virgin again. Okay wait, we just threw that last part in there for effects – you’ll never feel like a virgin again, you’re too old 🤣 😊, but don’t worry you’ve totally still got it (thumbs up!, wink, wink, wink). 

Now, locate that play button that was mentioned earlier below and hit it harder than Snoop Dogg's 81st blunt of the day (yep, Snoop claims he smokes 81 blunts a day - he will never die). 

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