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Music Review: Lazy Song by Coolidge - Hip Hop - Mississippi, USA | Music Discovery XO


22-05-2020 22:27 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Coolidge on Soundcloud |

"Lazy Song"
Hip Hop


Released on the 27th of March, just before the world started going into lock down one city at a time, the new single by Mississippi, USA’s rising hip hop star, Drevo Coolidge is a fun, feel-good record that wants nothing more than to uplift you and make you happy. Inspired by Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song”, it is a more pop-oriented record than we’ve seen from the critically acclaimed Southern underground rapper in a while, and by far one of the best according to many. So good in fact that critics are speculating that this could be "The One" that catapults him to international superstardom and cements his name in the history books as one of the most authentic and most talented new hip hop artists from the South this decade.  


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