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Music Review: Coulda But Didn't by Mal V Moo - R&B - Ohio, USA | SRL Reviews


08-03-2020 17:25 GMT

Music Reviews (March 2020) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming R&B artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie R&B performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by indie artist, Mal V Moo on Spotify | Apple Music

Mal V Moo
"Coulda But Didn't"

A well deserved thumbs up (not the Facebook type)

[Disclaimer: this music review was written by a couple of no good hip hop heads whose favorite hip hop music playlist has only one song in it. The song is titled “Suicidal Thoughts” by the Nototious B.I.G. Listen to it here if you are unfamiliar with it before proceeding any further; or proceed all willy-nilly at your own risk [Listen]. The song is explicit and holds nothing back, so if you can stomach that then you are ready to read further. If you can’t, just hit the play button and listen to the ensuing song, it's the stuff gospel music dreams are made of. You’ve never heard a gospel song like this and you’ll love it so much you’ll thank yourself for discovering it and come back here everyday to look for more like it. Sure, we the strict and thorough editorial team could have pulled this review and sent a warning to those two knuckle heads for being so blunt and offensive, but for the sake of freedom of speech and keeping artistic integrity alive, we decided to publish it - sorry if you hate it.]

Who is this God, and where can he be found?

For many visitors to this blue and exciting planet we call Earth, the above is one of the first and often most important questions, and sadly one that is followed by more words than an encyclopaedia but less answers than a politician. Will we ever find him? Well, of course not - don't ask how we know, we just do.

Sadly, this song won’t answer your questions but it will do well to lead you down a yellow brick road of faith, hope and unconditional love inside yourself, much like the Bible – or as we call it here – the only book that has been touched by more hookers than Charlie Sheen’s penis. Okay so maybe Mary Magdalene wasn’t a repentant hooker, and maybe she didn’t have drugs so good you’d survive a crucifixion, but we all know what groupies like to do more than anything else when they meet their idols – oops! let’s leave it at that, we’ve said too much.

So back to the song. By now you should have already gathered that we at the SRL Reviews room only review the best songs by indie artists. We don’t waste time trying to tell our readers how bad what some unfortunate artists spent so much time, money, lack of sleep, and even pounds of drugs sometimes, creating; we only focus on the good stuff. So yes, of course this song is amazing and will make you feel a keen sense of satisfaction and fulfilment after listening to it - not like many of the ones you hear on MTV nowadays.

“But why?” You may ask, why is it such a great gospel song? And here is why – it’s a gospel song that, well, doesn’t sound so gospel-ly. It’s not one of those songs that screams out “go to church every single Sunday, or go to hell!”, or “stop f*cking so much… or go to hell”; "stop smoking all that good weed... or..."; it’s a fairly simple song with lyrics of a gospel nature and the sound of an R&B club hit. To cut a long story short, it’s one of those records you could potentially find out is a gospel record while you are notoriously and enthusiastically grinding, humping and air spanking late at night in the club.

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