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Music Review: Barely Covered by Megan Mcduffee - Synthpop - California, USA | SRL Reviews


30-01-2020 23:04 GMT

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Music by indie artist, Megan Mcduffee on Bandcamp | Spotify

Megan Mcduffee
"Barely Covered"

Dark, sexy, futuristic and old school with massive soundscapes that’ll swallow you whole and polish you off till all that bad pop music you’ve had to resort to listening to over the past decade has been washed away and you are squeaky clean. Immaculately produced; it’s big, full and almost solid – one of those records that will, as it were, box you in and never let you leave until you feel really good. It’s commanding, deeply immersive and powerful. Megan McDuffee’s 3 track cover EP was released to critical acclaim just before Christmas 2019 and is poised to be a 2020 hit.

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