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Music Review: January Fever by Jim Gaven - Pop Rock - New Jersey, USA | SRL Reviews


02-01-2020 02:52 GMT

Music Reviews (January 2020) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Pop Rock artists, bands & labels with reviews of the latest songs, albums & mixtapes, music videos, music playlists, live events/gigs, concerts/tours, & other entertainment from your favorite indie Pop Rock performers & entertainers daily on SRL Music Reviews.
Music by indie artist, Jim Gaven on Bandcamp |

Jim Gaven
"January Fever"
Pop Rock

Happy New You!

Take this chill pill

In 2020 mad scientists all over the world, or somewhere in China will have a really rude awakening. They'll discover something even a two year old could have told them while having that awesome recurring dream and blissfully going without having to get out of bed whether it's a number 0 or a number 1 - oops, number 1 or 2. Something that's right in front of all our eyes yet easier to miss than a penny in a baby's diaper. It's easy to fail to realise the simplest things when you spend most of the time soul searching, dreaming or working too hard; just like it's easy to forget to appreciate the simpler things in life when you want the whole world and nothing but the whole world. Life sucks - you could work hard all your life, get everything your heart desires, the love of your life and all the power in the world yet you could still get hit by a bus and die in a puddle of your own faeces, and blood, under a bus full of illegal immigrants; sadly, even a gold coffin wouldn't be enough to make you happy after that. Technology is becoming so advanced that by the time the year is over we could be welcoming the first generation of truly intelligent humanoids into our lives to replace us, without even knowing it, and bidding humankind as we know it adieu. The wise few would also have already started screwing everything that moves, living out their dreams, leaving no fantasy or fetish unexplored, checking off their bucket lists, spending all their money, hiding artefacts and traces of their existence in the most secret places they can think of, and stuffing their faces with everything tasty; in preparation for extinction. This article is one of such artefacts that could give the new species an idea of how we got wiped out. Hopefully they'll have the internet. In case you are wondering - no, we're not really into kinky stuff, but we've been hanging out with a lot of rappers and partying so hard.

Sometime during the course of the year a mad scientist somewhere will discover that quantum computing - the end of the search for the origin of consciousness, or the beginning of the end of it at least, is exactly that. That returning to the origin of consciousness, as it were, is like reaching the end of a video game, celebrating and turning off the gaming console. But sadly in this case, the turning off of the console wouldn't be a voluntary action by the player but rather an inevitable shutdown or crash of the console which would have achieved its purpose and seize to be of use. Before long, hopefully sooner rather than later (maybe after reading this article) scientists would realize that it would require limitless electricity and a million other computers to control a quantum computer with virtually limitless processing power - how hard could that be to figure out? Run 10 apps on your mobile phone and see how long before the battery runs out. Now think about a computer that can run a trillion operations at the same time and hence create/calculate unlimited outcomes/possibilities even beyond what the human brain can dream of or comprehend; and then try to imagine how much power it would require per second, not to talk of how many other devices it would require to try to even remotely regulate it's functions, because obviously once you hit the "ON" button on such a device, a thousand humans working at full speed 24 hours a day wouldn't be able to keep up with it, not to talk of control it. But why are we so confident they these scientists are "mad" you may think to yourself? Well, these scientists are so mad, they've already started writing the programs for these said quantum computers that they haven't even built yet - geniuses eh? That means even if you went nuts and started thinking about becoming a superhero to try to stop them you would have to go into the past to do it because they are already in the future.

So now that you know where the world is heading in 2020 or in the near future, don't you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders? Don't all your problems seem so trivial this very moment, knowing both you and them could be wiped out in less than a second and you won't even get a chance to know when or how it happens or acknowledge the fact that it has happened since you'd be gone? Don't you feel like you should do more living before our time here runs out? Don't you feel like you should spend less time wanting so much more, planning how to take down your enemies and take over the world, and just live your life one second at a time? If you don't then this song is not for you, if you do then just hit the play button, put your feet up and imagine Snoop Dogg and Bill Clinton are coming to dinner and they're bringing Monica.

Happy New Year! And may 2020 be the best year you've ever had. 


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