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Music Review: F*ck Yall by Montaz - Hip Hop - Georgia, USA | Music Discovery XO


19-12-2019 19:21 GMT

Hip Hop

Released back in 2018, “Fuck Yall” put Suwanee hip hop artist, Montaz on the radar of some of Georgia, USA’s hardest to please underground hip hop music critics and fans. If you are a die-hard hip hop fan who grew up on mind-boggling flows, metaphors that made you hold your head, and boom bap beats so slow, so sweet and so repetitive they put babies to sleep, then “F*ck Yall” will blow your mind quicker than a Nicola Sturgeon upskirt. Packed with everything hip hop seems to be lacking today, the track will take you back to the core values that defined the genre and then catapult you into the future where its pioneers envisioned it going.


Official Music Video:



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