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Music Review: Stay Focused by Stacc95 | Hip Hop Song | Stream free | YouTube


14-10-2019 13:31 GMT

"Stay Focused"
Hip Hop

Listening to hip hop music has changed over the years. The rapidly evolving genre has gone from being one of the most controversial genres of all time just over 2 decades ago, to becoming one of the most popular genres and one of the most appealing for artists to turn to when crossing over in their songs to try to broaden their fan base, sell more records or for whatever reason. It's a genre that has come very far and that music industry insiders say still has a long way to go, and a very promising future ahead. As with almost every genre in music today, its sound is changing dramatically as well and it won't be long before all the old elements that once made it special have been completely replaced by newer elements that are more appealing to the current generation's hearing and tastes, and those of generations to come. Contextually as well we've seen a huge shift from a very broad range of subject matters predominantly centered around struggle to a narrower range of subject matters mostly centered around success and having a good time. Whatever the case may be hip hop will always be a genre that will never fail to get fans on their feet when every other genre fails. This week, as we do every week on the SRL Networks Auditions, we had the great pleasure of discovering and exploring the repertoire of a talented new artist who is making a name for himself locally. Stacc95 is a new rapper from Newnan in Georgia, USA. His latest single, "Stay Focused" was released back in April and has been hailed as his best so far. Boasting a spacious and infectious piano-based beat and a very distinctive vocal performance, it has a mesmerising feel and a bounce that makes it very difficult to sit or stand still. The lyrics are retrospective and the overall mood of the track is determination and focus. Voting is still open.





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