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Music Review: Self Manifestation by Grayce N' Mercy | Hip Hop Album | Stream free | YouTube | CD Baby


21-10-2019 20:52 GMT

Grayce N' Mercy
"Self Manifestation"
Hip Hop

Released on the 22nd of February, “Self Manifestation” is a groundbreaking Christian rap album by Savannah, Georgia rapper, Grayce n Mercy. Hip Hop is one of those genres that somehow makes it very hard to cross over into or out of without loosing a little bit of almost everything but in this 8 track album, Geogia’s new gospel music sensation managed to bring across his message of good will while maintaining that unmistakable hip hop feel that is more often than not very hard to deliver in gospel without raising several eyebrows and potentially being banned from church. The album is raw, edgy and exciting, and it will make you feel like you went to church on Sunday and the pastor wasn’t there – phew! It’s like getting a day off from church but still hearing everything you would ordinarily hear at a service. Exquisitely produced from start to finish, the overall sound is big and loud like you would expect from the best hip hop albums. The delivery on every song is forceful and the flows are formidable. It’s also very lyrically sound as well with a lot of ear-watering wordplay that will get a lot of hip hops heads tingling inside. If like many die-hard hip hop music lovers, you listen closely to the words that are being spoken when you hear a track, then you are in for a treat. Not only will you enjoy the fact that Grayce speaks from the heart all the way through, you’ll also love the way he does it. Being able to write a great song is one thing and having a way with words is another – Grayce  excels in both aspects. The album is a taste of what hip hop would be like without the excessive cursing, the anger management issues, the PAWGs, the drive-by shootings and all that murder murder murder. Without the sex and fellatio, N*gga calling and money worshiping, and other forms of worshiping that will remain unspoken in case the big man upstairs gets a chance to read this too - our chances are already slim, and we don't even hump camels. Some exciting highlights to listen out for are “God Is Good” and “Church”.





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