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Music Review: Western Song by Mud Creek | Rock Song | Stream free | Spotify | CD Baby


08-08-2019 13:13 GMT

Mud Creek
"Western Song"

Mud Creek is blazing a trail in their home region of Indiana, USA as an iconic band that will get right in the crack of your ass and make you cut loose every single time, whether live or recorded. To cut a long story short - they mean business, they kick ass and they'll have you feeling refreshed and 10 pounds lighter in no time. This is one of their top records to date and rightfully so. It's upbeat, masterfully written, exquisitely performed from start to finish, and so good that like most good songs, it'll be over before you know it. It's one of those types of records that doesn't try too hard at all yet excels on so many levels. If you are looking for a new band to listen to that won't poke at your ear drums frantically hoping to find a sweet spot by chance, this is the band to listen to, and this song is the perfect place to start.




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