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Music Review: Also, F*ck Them by Elemental | Hip Hop Song | Stream free | Soundcloud |


08-08-2019 17:08 GMT

"Also, F*ck Them"
Hip Hop

As featured on this week's SRL Networks Auditions. Voting still open.

"Also, F*ck Them" is the latest release by emerging New York rapper, EleMental. The record is a sequel to the song, "F*ck You", which was released a while back, and it has the same angry, vengeful tone. Starts out as a very easy on the ear hip hop track, and then slowly unravels. It's got a really somber, "Slim Shady" Eminem feel with a slow piano beat that'll have you following along and riding the lyrical flows closely. Listen out for an unexpected switch right at the end. Stick this in your "Anger Management" playlists.





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