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Music Review: DAN (Dead Ass N****) by Six9 | Hip Hop Song | Stream free | YouTube |


02-08-2019 19:40 GMT

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Music by Six9 on YouTube

"DAN (Dead Ass N****)"
Hip Hop

Don't play with it

Featured on South Carolina underground rap star, Six9's "Black Mixtape", "DAN" is a big, loud, bold track that is very busy and means business. The "Black Mixtape" was the record that put Six9 on the map. It was his second mixtape. It featured Lil' Wayne, 2 Chainz, Shawty Redd, Shawty Lo and a host of other notable names in both mainstream and underground hip hop, and it was and still is one of the highest rated underground hip hop releases out of the region in a very long time. This song, along with several hit tracks on the mixtape set the tone for what can now only be described as one of the most successful independent hip hop careers this decade. It's got an urgent supervillain feel that'll send shivers up and down your spine, and a beat that'll make your speakers shake and have them quivering all night. If you hear it playing loud from the trunk of a blacked out truck moving slow with the windows rolled down in a bad neighbourhood at night, drop everything and pick race.





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