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Music Review: Uberman Returns, Pt. 2 by Skunk Radio Live | Hip Hop Video Playlist | Stream free | YouTube


08-03-2019 14:07 GMT

Pictured: Durt Boi

Skunk Radio Live
"Uberman Returns, Pt. 2"
Hip Hop

Never trust a designated driver

Whether you've been drinking and driving or smoking and flying, nothing could be more disheartening on a Saturday or Sunday morning than finding yourself begging for sweet relief while hugging on a cold, metal toilet bowl that has welcomed more criminals than Trump has to count to sleep at night, when only a few hours prior you were heading out for a night to remember at one (or all) of your favorite hangout spots. It's that time of the week again when the little or not so little Uber men and women inside each and every one of us with a smart phone gets their shine and serves their purpose in life - to get us to leave our Ferraris and Lamborghinis at home and get super crunked up without the fear of running over an innocent pedestrian or getting arrested at the end of the night - talk about a buzz kill.

 Whether you are a light drinker or a party animal, this music video playlist series has been created just for you and titled appropriately to remind you that it's time for your Uberman or woman to shine again. Now that you know, lets get right down to this week's updates. We've added new and classic hip hop videos by Chingy, Durt Boi (pictured above and below), Six9, Zeussy and DC at the start and R&B tracks by Idrise, B Pac and Tate to slow it down a little at the end - that's 10 banging records that will kick your troubles to the curb, elevate your spirit and even possibly inspire your outfit on this ever so promising Friday evening. Hit the play button and let's get the party started.

Have an amazing weekend and see you again soon for 10 more amazing hip hop and R&B videos that will get you to a castle on cloud 9 quicker than a fat sack of magic beans.





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