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Music Review: Our Last Kiss by Kevin Nevel | Country Album | Stream free | Spotify | CD Baby


25-03-2019 20:01 GMT

Kevin Nevel
"Our Last Kiss"

15 ways to say I Love You

With a whopping 15 tracks this exquisitely written and performed contemporary country album by Afghanistan-based American songwriter, Kevin Nevel will secure a place close to your heart right from the second you hit the play button. Super-chilled and exciting at the same time, with lyrics about love, life and relationships, it's perfect for cooling off with the old lady/man, whether you are spending the whole day in bed together or cruising through town with the sunroof off. Some top highlights include the title track, "Our Last Kiss" which sits in position number one where it sets the tone nicely for you'd probably only be able to describe as an excruciatingly invigorating cup of love infusions after listening; "Fallen Angel", an anthemic ballad packed with all the good stuff radio DJ's dreams are made of; and "Gone Too Far", one of the more fast-paced tracks on the record.




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