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Music Review: Worth It by Tate | R&B Song | Stream free | Download mp3-320


24-10-2018 17:15 GMT

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"Worth It"

Slow and sensual, no strings attached.

One of those tracks that'll remind you why you fell in love with R&B. If your baby making playlist has been lacking that really innocent, lush sound that makes you want to get oiled up then you are in for a treat.

"Worth It", California, US R&B artist, Tate's latest single was released only a few days ago but it's already got fans raving far and wide not just in the US, but in the UK and beyond as well. It comes only a couple of weeks after and follows in the footsteps of "Fresh", its predecessor which still has top US DJs and critics going bonkers. Tate's sound is a simple yet hard to come by sound. It's raw, passionate, warm, very inviting, and often with a raunchy or adult theme, but it's also got a really innocent, youthful and gentle feel that makes it almost feel wrong, and hence it's even more compelling to listen to. Don't worry, she's not underage.

"Worth It" is a track about friends with benefits and no strings fun. It's got a really dark, sensual backdrop that sets a really passionate mood. You'll feel like a virgin again, but not for long hopefully.

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